Have you spotted South sea Wicker furniture yet? They have been offering various types of Wicker chairs in South sea range for some time, but did you know that there is much more possible with Wicker? Wicker furniture can be perfectly combined with each other, but also with the various wooden products offer in South sea webshop. Wood and Wicker are both natural products and therefore go very well together! These basic materials do well in everyone’s home!

Just A Little Extra Atmosphere At Home

South Sea Wicker Furniture brings atmosphere to your home and that is why South sea Wicker dining room chairs are very popular. They bring cosines into the home and are also functional in use. These chairs are often combined with a sturdy frame made of metal or sleek wood, so that it fits completely into the interior of today: whether it is a Vintage, Scandinavian or a rural interior.

With Wicker you can go in all directions and did you think of that old Wicker bench at your grandmother’s place? Wicker has always remained but is completely hip in 2019 and can be wonderfully combined with all kinds of styles. It’s true: as long as there have been Wicker baskets, there have also been Wicker furniture. Wicker is a strong material, making it extremely suitable for weaving Wicker furniture, such as tables, chairs, benches and stools. Trends are looked at and the models are adjusted accordingly. For example, South Sea Wicker chair Bari has become a trendy chair in recent years and it can be found in many people’s garden, veranda or living room. It is a wonderful, light relax chair that is available in several colors.

Have you already come across South sea benches in the webshop? They offer a number of types, including the ‘Webbing’ bench. Webbing is Wicker which is braided in a special way. In 2019, webbing is back and we work a lot with webbing when making Wicker furniture. But you will also find old teak benches in the webshop, which go perfectly with other Wicker furniture and Wicker baskets. Because both are natural materials, this can be combined well. Unlike all South sea Wicker products that come from Indonesia, these wooden benches come from India. They are all unique and no bench is the same!

The Wicker Furniture Can Be Easily Combined With South Sea Nice Accessories

Combine the Wicker chair or bench with a nice fur or hip pillow and you immediately have a nice atmosphere in the room. Combine this with large green plants and you’ve got the vintage style, or do you prefer the light Scandinavian look or south sea trendy Egg chair. Everything is possible with Wicker furniture!

Maintaining Wicker furniture is actually very easy. Wicker furniture does not need a lot. Occasionally wipe the furniture with a damp cloth and if necessary spray it with a garden hose (don’t forget to use furniture in combination with other materials, which cannot always withstand water). Wicker remains flexible from being moistened from time to time. When Wicker is very dry, it will break faster. Do you use the Wicker furniture for outside? That is certainly possible, but keep in mind that due to the various weather influences, such as rain, wind and sun, the Wicker can discolor more quickly. That is why we always recommend that you put your South sea Wicker furniture under a shelter.