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Fireplaces are an important design element in any home. They are the focal point of a room, a warm place for gathering, and are a designer’s dream. Fireplaces need to complement the style of a home and also be adaptable enough to transform for different holidays and seasons. The balance between practicality and charm is a hard one to achieve. However, it is increasingly popular to see unique fireplace designs online and in your favorite magazines. Don’t be afraid to consider some bold elements when renovating your fireplace. 

Fireplace Surrounds

The fireplace surround is a general term pertaining to every part of the fireplace except the firebox. They vary greatly from traditional fireplaces with scrolling mantels to modern inserts that seem to float in the center of a wall. Fireplace surrounds Milwaukee can be made from wood, stone, tile, metal or a combination of materials. For a dramatic look, use floor-to-ceiling panels of marble around the firebox. Without a mantle, this gives a sleek sexy look to your room. If your home is more traditional, then choose a simple wooden mantle but punch up the design by installing a 6-inch border of tile around the firebox. Small classic fireplaces look great with penny tile or small hexagon tile. Maybe even look for some antique tiles to form into a mosaic design.


The fireplace mantel is like an exclamation point to your design and must also be functional. Mantels are typically seven to eight inches deep and have a height of four to six feet above the floor. Modern designs can go without a mantel. But, if you want to include one in the renovation then there are still creative choices you can make. The mantel could be a different material than the rest of the fireplace surround. Maybe use an irregular shape, like a curved piece of metal or even a large piece of driftwood. Play with dimensions by making the mantel extend outside of the fireplace design and include the rest of the wall. Instead of a protruding mantel, a recessed nook gives the same visual appearance but with a unique twist. 


When renovating the fireplace don’t forget to incorporate lighting. This is the time to add recessed lighting to highlight the fireplace. Sconces on either side, above the mantel, give a traditional feel to the design. Installing downlighting under the mantel is more dramatic. There are some really creative recessed lighting options for the ceiling above the fireplace as well. Install outlets underneath the mantel for interchangeable plug-in lights. 

Fireplaces are meant to be the center of attention, so don’t shy away from making a statement. The opportunities are endless!

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