You are considering selling your property. Have you made initial estimates with several agencies? And you wonder if you should entrust the sale to them? According to a research study, 38% of individuals trying to sell alone will fail to complete the sale. For sales, real estate agencies are 2.5 times more efficient than individual sellers. So you increase your chances of selling your Luxury condo Bangkok through a real estate agent. But this is not the only advantage.

You may have a good estimate online, but to make sure you set the right price, the help of a real estate agent is essential. In your opinion, why ?

Functions Of The Real Estate Agent

  • knows the real estate market
  • takes into account the real prices of the last transactions
  • masters its geographic sector
  • understand buyers’ expectations

It guarantees you to position your course of realistic price ranges. He has all the expertise to know the right price for your accommodation at the right time.

Putting up for sale at the right price is key to maximizing the chances of selling quickly. Know that the more your property will be seen with an exorbitant price on the market, the more buyers will seek to negotiate the price down … And good news, most agencies estimate your property for free. Depending on his analysis, you will be able to judge his professionalism and his reactivity from the first meeting.

Maximize Your Chances Of Selling

Beyond the appraisal of the property, with a real estate agent, you will benefit from a pool of buyers thanks to its local and professional network. He also has a number of means at his disposal to publicize your sale:

  • display your property in the window of his agency
  • publish the photos of your property on its website, on specialized sites and on its digital BestAgents window
  • distribute flyers with photos of your property
  • buy advertising inserts in local and free magazines
  • share the ad in files specific to their professional network

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