Owning a home comes with a lot of responsibilities. That’s why it’s a good idea for every new homeowner to make a maintenance checklist so that important things don’t get missed. You’ll have lawn care requirements and other things that need to get done frequently enough that you don’t forget them, but there are a few items that many homeowners miss since they typically only get done once a year. Here are a few of those things that you don’t want to forget. 

Check Your HVAC System

You should have a professional come look at your HVAC unit at least once a year. It may be tempting to skip this expense, but yearly maintenance on your system can actually help it to last longer. They usually clean the vents and ducts and check for signs of damage. You may want to have this done every spring and fall to prepare for summer and winter when you’ll need your system the most. 

Look at Your Plumbing

Most homeowners don’t think to check their plumbing before it’s too late. Periodically checking your pipes for any leaks can end up saving you a lot of money. If water damage goes unnoticed, you can end up with mold growth and rotting wood, which can cost a lot of money to get taken care of. If you do find any issues, look for plumbing and drain services Toronto to take care of the problem right away. 

Monitor Your Smoke Detectors

Many home fires get out of control because the smoke detectors have stopped working. In some cases, this can actually become extremely dangerous if the people in the house don’t realize early enough that a fire has started. That’s why it’s essential that you change the batteries in your smoke detectors at least once a year. The same holds true for your carbon monoxide detectors. If you don’t feel like you’re able to remember to do this, you may want to get smart detectors. These actually give voice alerts to remind you to change the batteries. 

Put a calendar reminder on your home to help ensure you get each of these things done when you’re supposed to. If you’re using a professional company to come do the checks for you, you can also have them call you when your service is due. After all, some of these things are important to your family’s safety, so you don’t want to forget. 

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