Wherever you look today, it must be said that anywhere in the world is “digital,” probably because today’s technology has taken us to another era where appliances are designed to meet the most demanding consumer needs. Under the condition of a more tangible price, Make consumers more accessible to the product and use Increase comfort for yourself and those around you as well.

Digital Lock 

It is another thing that facilitates a lot of homeowners and residents. From having to carry large keys, some will lock and lock again. Multiple locks require carrying multiple keys. Come back home each time before unlocking the door to enter the house. Each time playing is tiring. 

What Is A Digital Door Lock?

Is Digital Door latch (กลอนประตู, which is the term in Thai) comes with versatile and modern functions by unlocking with several security systems? For example, pressing the key card, password, Bluetooth Applications with fingerprint scanning anti-theft system, interfere Random code or trying to unlock in several conducts and automatic locking system at the time the door used to be closed, etc. Not only a function in use, but nowadays, digital latch also has designed and developed the device to have a beautiful design. Suitable for installation on an extensive variability of doors, for example, steel, wooden, and aluminum doors.

How Many Types Of Digital Door Locks Are There?

  • Press The Code System: you do not need to carry anything. Just use memorization.
  • Scanning System With Key Card: It can scan one card. Turn into the room.
  • Scanning System With Fingerprint: easy for usage. Just tap your fingertips. And anyone can make it difficult to counterfeit.
  • Key System: an elementary system that every machine must-have for emergency use.
  • System Application (Application): Add convenience. No matter where you are, at any time, you can open and close digital doors.

Each digital door lock (ดิจิตอล door lock, term in Thai) type might have in excess of one system, and in some models, there may be as countless as five systems in a single device to enhance functionality for your whole family to be comfortable to use and to increase efficiency in use.


Normally, the digital bolt installation uses to be apt for installation on synthetic or solid wood doors. With a 3.5 cm thickness, comprising the doorframe should not be below 10 cm, but there are more models of intelligent door lock nowadays some models to be capable of installing aluminum, steel, glass, and sliding doors as well. Installation part intelligent door lock on the door with a cylinder, the cylinder should have a stroke of 70 mm.