The city of dreaming spires, Oxford, is where most people want to buy property in the UK. Oxford is a popular university city in the UK, and having property in this location puts you on the property ladder.

If you plan to buy property in Oxford, UK, you should research some of the best locations. Get an estate agent and property conveyancing solicitors in Oxford to hold your hand. A lot of paperwork and legal processes are involved when buying property in the UK. Therefore, you want to ensure you get the right support to successfully go through the conveyancing services.

Why you should invest in Oxford 

Oxford is popular as a university city in the UK, but that is not all you get when you stay here. 

The other important industries in this city include research, technology, health, and publishing. There are lots of well-paying jobs in this part of the UK. It means owning a property in Oxford puts you at the heart of development.

The city hosts the largest employer in the country. According to the Oxford City Council, the city has one of the fastest-growing populations, at 15,000 per year. Most people living in Oxford don’t know that the city is one of the country’s top tourist destinations, making it the perfect location for short-term letting. You can invest in short-term apartments in Oxford and make a fortune.

There are more reasons to live, work, and enjoy life in Oxford. Did you know that Oxford is the Harry Potter filming location? This is a home to the world’s most famous University of Oxford and Oxford Brookes University. It is home to over 40, 000 students in need of housing. Investing in student letting is the best you can do if you plan to buy property in this city.

What amenities are there in Oxford?             

When buying property in the UK, you want to look at the amenities available in a location. Oxford has almost every amenity you might have on your checklist. The city has a rail and road link. It only takes an hour to London, the UK’s capital city.

There are also other new developments in the UK, such as the East-West Rail that connects Oxford, Bedford, Bicester, Cambridge and Milton Keynes. The Oxford-Cambridge Expressway is another development that makes Oxford more appealing to investors.

There are plans to develop the areas between Milton Keynes, Cambridge and Oxford. The project could result in new homes, commercial development, and towns. At least 1.9 million people are expected to live in Oxford by 2050.  

What is the property value in Oxford?

Property price in Oxford is the highest of most locations. Other expensive cities where you can buy property are Cambridge and London. Although the property prices in the UK are the highest, it doesn’t mean you cannot afford to get some inexpensive properties to buy in this part of the UK. In Oxford, flats start at around £140,000.

In recent years, Oxford has witnessed some of the best returns for property investors in the country. According to recent research, the house price in Oxford has risen 308% over the last two decades. Property prices in the UK keep changing, which means now is the right time to buy a house in Oxford.

First-time buyer affordability in the UK

If you are buying property in Oxford, you must take your time. When you are prepared to cast your search as a first-time buyer, you should look widely at the most affordable places in the UK.

There are other affordable places in the UK where you can buy property in the southeast heading towards Wales. Cardiff can also provide a better alternative to buying property. 

Coventry, Hereford, and Birmingham are other alternatives you can choose if you want to save money buying a house in the UK.

Final Thoughts 

There are many locations in Oxford where you want to invest your money in property. If you are ready to make that move, you should get a conveyancing solicitor to take you through the legal process and paperwork when buying property in Oxford. Don’t forget to view different properties before choosing the property to buy in Oxford.