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Not enough money to spend on a new sectional? No problem! Are you still wearing your parents’ old clothes? If you cannot afford to replace your furniture at this time, there are several low-cost options for updating your home. Make the most of what you currently have by following these thoughtful suggestions.

Curtains should be trimmed

Plain white curtains from IKEA (or another store) are economical and adaptable, but they are not very attractive. If you want to dress up your $20 curtains, sew on some trim, such as pom-poms, ribbon from the craft store, or a colorful fabric strip. You don’t even have to sew to attach the frame; instead, use iron-on hem tape or fabric glue to hold it in place.

Create Napkin Cushion Covers from scratch

Incorporating visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing accent pillows is a simple way to breathe new life into an old couch. Making new cushion covers from cloth napkins is one of the quickest and most cost-effective solutions available! They’re low-cost, brightly colored, and already pre-cut into squares! Of course, you may sew them if you want, but iron-on hem tape is your best friend once again. This tutorial demonstrates how to construct napkin cushion covers that need no sewing.

Refresh Wood with Mayonnaise

However, the wood is dry, and furniture colors arestained with water stains. When it comes to rejuvenating wood, mayonnaise is a time-tested, inexpensive, and non-toxic solution! Mayonnaise! Apply a thin layer of mayonnaise to the surface and let it on for a few hours before wiping it away. The oil in the mayonnaise conceals the watermarks and draws attention to the depth of the wood.

Concrete Countertops with a Skim-Coat Finish

Even if they are ancient and outdated, new countertops are not inexpensive. An ideal interim option is to skim coat your laminate counters with a concrete product that has been specifically designed for this purpose. The materials are affordable, and the procedure is straightforward. This concrete skim-coat instruction for laminate countertops is a great place to start if you are new to the process.

Use Chalkboard Paint to decorate your walls

In the world of interior design, chalkboard paint is having a furniture colors moment. It should be no surprise that chalkboard paint is affordable and may even be applied with a spray gun. So why not paint an antique table with blackboard paint and let the following generation destroy it? A chalkboard-painted dresser, chair, and even a wall have suddenly caught my eye.

Things to Paint with Spray Paint Spray paint is a fantastic approach for repurposing old furniture that would otherwise be thrown away or donated. What exactly is there to lose? The use of vibrant spray paint changed these foldable chairs, and bronze spray paint transformed these brassy builder-grade doorknobs. Furniture and accessories with tiny footprints, such as stools and chairs, respond nicely to spray paint.