Five types of speed bumps with similar characteristics

Speed ​​bump:

  • modular height 5 centimeters
  • modular height 7 centimeters
  • Monoblock 5 centimeters high

– With your trapezoids:

  • modular width 600 mm
  • modular width 900 mm

All speed bumps such as speed bumps Memphis are made from soft but strong rubber. This material guarantees an irreproachable quality of the products. Moreover, a retarder made from concrete would be much less flexible and could damage vehicles. Sino Concept systematically controls each part, monitoring road speed bumps throughout the manufacturing process and a final quality and robustness test before shipping the products to the customer.

The speed bumps are protected against ultraviolet rays; they are not afraid of heat or the vagaries of the weather, which makes them ideally suited to outdoor installation. Also, thanks to a non-slip surface, the speed bumps allow the passage of vehicles safely, without the risk of slipping in the event of rain, particularly for motorcyclists and cyclists. Some speed bumps for private roads are durable, resistant products with no risk of deformation, tearing, or wear over time.

Thanks to their yellow and black colors, the speed bumps are obvious to users who can thus anticipate their braking. The presence of cat-eye type reflectors guarantees this perfect visibility: this is a retro-reflective device that uses the reflection of light from vehicle headlights to indicate the object’s position. As for the quality of the color, two layers of yellow rubber are tinted in the mass for a product that does not lose quality despite repeated passages of vehicles.

With the speed bumps are supplied the installation accessories necessary for their installation. This is a system of screws adapted so that the retarder is solidly and durably fixed to the road. Installation is quick and simple, using plugs, lag bolts, and washers. Finally, in terms of packaging, all the speed bumps are packed piece by piece and are stored in custom-made boxes for maximum protection during transport.

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