Insects, bugs, and rodents can cause more damage than you know. While some, like termites, can cause structural damage to wooden structures, others like roaches, rats, and mice can be a source of health issues. Bed bugs and spiders are equally nasty pests. Once you know about the presence of pests, you should consider calling an exterminator. In this 101-guide, we are sharing all you must know about hiring a local pest control service. 

Make a shortlist

With numerous exterminators working in the same city and region, how do you sort your options? The first step is to shortlist pest control services that are licensed and a member of national, state, or local professional associations. The next step is to check reviews. People will only write a review when they are too discontented or happy with an exterminator. You may find a lot of these reviews posted on Google are on the extreme side, but too many negative client reviews are clearly an indicator of shoddy work. 

Get an inspection done

When it comes to the cost of pest control, you may have to pay a small fee for the initial inspection. However, instead of taking estimates on the phone, getting an inspection done is a wise idea. This allows the pest control company to consider the type and extent of the infestation, and their exterminators can suggest solutions accordingly. 

Ask for estimates

How much should you pay for pest control? The answer depends on the work involved. Also, some exterminators are spending more on using safer products and methods, which can add to the cost of their services. The environmental impact of pest control is something that everyone should worry about, and paying a tad more to mitigate key concerns is never a bad idea. Also, if you have pets and kids at home, ask about additional precautions if needed. 

Find out about their team

Not all pest control companies have an in-house team of experts. Ask the company if they have full-time employees. All workers working on your property must be insured and trained. Also, don’t shy away from discussing their pest control methods. You would want the company to have liability insurance because the work involves inherent risks. Any damage to your home or property shouldn’t become your implied liability. 

Also, don’t forget to request references from the company. Do not choose a company based on the price alone, but get estimates with all inclusions in advance.