Maintaining your carpet in healthy form is both quintessential and challenging at the same time. And if you have pets and kids around or if you are truly worried about the increasing allergies in your family calling in an expert to conduct carpet cleaning Canberra is a must. Professionals know what works best for your carpets and can potentially revitalize them as new as ever. But the most common query that arises here is how often one should avail expert assistance for carpet cleaning. We have compiled a detailed insight in this blog to help you determine the frequency of deep cleaning carpets in your home or office.

What happens when you forestall professional carpet cleaning for too long?

  • Carpets tend to appear dirty and untidy thus ruining the entire look of your home décor
  • The dirt and humidity penetrated deep inside the fabric are likely to foster mould or dust mite development. This can pose serious health issues amongst occupants.
  • Avoiding professional Carpet stain removal Adelaide can leave permanent blemishes on carpets
  • Dirty carpets attract pests like cockroaches, silverfish, rodents, etc. this also creates an inhospitable environment in your home or office.
  • Merely vacuuming is not enough because over time carpets emit odour due to the grime settled in their padding
  • Eventually, carpets wear out and need to be replaced with new ones

Determining the frequency of carpet cleaning:

Carpet owners lack the required information that can help them determine how often their carpets might require deep cleaning. Although experts recommend availing of professional clean twice in 12 months for better upkeep, this yearly rule has variations. Multiple factors contribute to the frequency of deep cleaning and some of the important ones are as below:


The easiest indicator that your carpet needs a professional clean is its appearance. If your carpets appear dull and untidy the only reason is the dirt build-up. Although carpet owners regularly vacuum their carpets the dirt entrenched in the foundation of the carpet remains intact. This can lead to mould development in the future hence if your carpets appear dirty get them professionally cleaned. Likewise, if you notice visible mould growth on carpets, heavy stains, or fungus of any kind it’s time to avail professional carpet cleaning or carpet stain removal services.


Having kids at home means regular spills during food fights, soiled footwear on carpets, and possibly lots of glue, slime, and whatnot staining the fabric of your carpets. They also probably damage the texture with heavy foot traffic with all the running around the house, especially during their school break. When carpets are prone to such misuse they should be deep cleaned at least thrice a year for better maintenance.


Your furry friends can be another major threat to your carpets. Apart from leaving their hair on carpets dogs and cats often tend to urinate on carpets owing to the pungent smell that carpets emit when not cleaned professionally. In such cases, carpet owners should call in experts for same day carpet cleaning Sydney as pet urine can leave permanent blemishes and cause your pet to return to the same spot. Experts know how to tackle such crises proficiently as compared to any home cure. Hence pet owners should deep clean carpets every 4 months to keep their family and pets safe and maintain carpets enduringly.


At times carpets appear clean but generate and emit unwanted smells which can mean your carpet is in dire need of expert carpet steam cleaning. Carpets that smell bad don’t just attract pests but also create a bad impression on guests and acquaintances. Therefore to keep your carpets smelling fresh all the time summon professionals thrice a year for cleaning. In addition to cleaning experts also apply deodorizers to refresh your carpets. You can also avail same day carpet cleaning to get rid of carpet stink if you have a party or get together at home.


The more the foot traffic the more the need for a professional clean. Regardless of where you place them in offices or at home carpets suffer due to heavy foot friction over time. Their texture appears dull and the fibres become uneven due to constant pressure. So make sure you seek professional help twice a year; experts condition the fibres making them even and a professional clean can restore the lustre and softness of your carpets.


If inhabitants have been regularly suffering from illness, viral fever, skin allergies, or respiratory issues your carpet is to be accused. Dirty carpets are directly associated with an unsanitary environment which can cause multiple health issues among users. Hence you should avail professional carpet cleaning services every 4-6 months to shield your family or your employees from serious health problems.

Deep cleaning carpets at the right time interval can do wonders for it. Now that you know how to determine the frequency of professional clean make sure you carefully assess your carpets keeping these factors in mind and avail a professional clean accordingly. In addition to this, regularly vacuum carpets and follow instructions by manufacturers and experts to preclude damages of any kind in the future.