Entryways are a significant element of any house. Steel doors are the perfect entryay choices for anyone not willing to compromise on beauty and functionality. If you’re a homeowner unaware of different steel door designs that your house could benefit from, here are some ideas to help you make the right choice.

Double Flat Steel Door for the Hallway

Most houses these days come with hallways that pave the way towards the rest of the house’s rooms, including the living room, bedroom, dining room, bathroom, and more. However, what many homeowners fail to determine is the kind of door that’ll make their hallway’s entrance stand out. This is where the concern for beauty and functionality comes in.

Incorporating a double flat steel door is an excellent idea for a hallway when you’re trying to ensure functionality and sophistication in mind. Double flat doors are relatively bigger doors that a big enough to cover the width of the hallway’s entrance, making the space look luxurious and the hallway more accessible.


Single Flat Steel Doors for An Outdoor Transition

Modern homes these days come with various innovations. In fact, the kitchen or the living room are no longer the only spaces that open into a patio or a backyard these days. Many homeowners prefer waking up to breathtaking views outside their homes. Therefore, they look for entryways into the yard from spaces like the home office or the bedroom.

Bigger steel doors might not be functional for the purpose. Therefore, installing single flat steel doors is an incredible idea, when you’re looking to add a smaller door within a room inside the house. This makes it easier to enjoy a cup of coffee while enjoying the views and weather without the need for stepping outside.


Steel Door with Sidelights for The Backyard and Pool

Luxury is everything when it comes to designing houses with statement pools and backyards. This increases the need for a subtle entryway that’ll allow home occupants to not only enter the pool area easily but to also add it into the overall interior view effortlessly.

The best steel doors for such spaces are steel doors with sidelights. These are incredible entryway designs for anyone looking to incorporate their house’s exterior elements into the interiors, without disrupting the indoor air environment. Furthermore, you can always have these steel doors fabricated into the size and shape of your choice, depending on your house’s overall theme.


Double Flat Steel Door for Front Entrance

Looking for a way to impress guests and visitors with your house? The most impactful way to meet this goal is by paying significant attention to your house’s front entrance and the door you choose for it.

Double flat steel doors come with the perfect amount of flexibility and adaptability that your house’s front door needs to stand out.


Bi-Fold Steel Door for the Dining Room

If your house has a guest bedroom or a dining room that can benefit from a statement-making entrance or natural light, a bi-fold steel door should be considered. Bi-fold steel doors aren’t only incredible to look at, bu are also highly functional.


There’s no doubt about steel doors being the perfect door choices when you want your house to have equal amounts of beauty, luxury, sophistication, and functionality. Keeping the versatility of various steel doors in mind, the incorporation of steel doors into a house’s interior just makes sense. However, having the right door supplier is essential to get your hands on statement-making steel doors for your house. If you need steel doors that you can count on, start by checking out the black steel doors, wrought iron doors, and iron doors for your home in Oregon by Pinky’s Iron Doors.

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