The hardwood floors can add value to your home and give it a beautiful appearance. Wood floors last longer like the Formica magnetic laminate floors and are more practical than many other types of flooring. Also, you can install them yourself. Here’s how to install hardwood floors.

You would be surprised how easy and straightforward it can be to install hardwood floors in your bedroom, living room, or dining room. However, to achieve optimal results, it takes a lot of dedication and attention. Are you ready to act?

Steps For Installing A Hardwood Floor

  1. After measuring the width and length of the room (multiply them to get the number of square meters), check the sub-floor and make sure there is no creaking. Don’t forget to buy 10% more boards for any errors or bad cuts.
  2. Wall installation is the most complicated job like putting a Decometal, so start by drawing a chalk line 3/8 inch from the baseplate to get an idea of ​​the number of planks needed to cover this area.
  3. To install the first row of boards in the line you just drew, drill small holes in the board and use the nail gun to install each wood, respecting the length which limits its division.
  4. After placing the first rows, you can place a box of overexposed boards to view the ranges. When you strike with the mallet or use the pneumatic nail gun, you must do so firmly, directing your hand straight to head the piercing. A little carelessness can ruin everything, and that’s not what we want.
  5. Returning to the baseboards, place a piece at each end, establishing an equal distribution of the entire extension on the wall. You can use leftover wood to save material. You never know when you might need the same board model.
  6. Before drilling your boards, be sure to put two nails in each board. For narrow spaces to install the last board of a line, do not forget to leave an area of 3/8 cm for the expansion and contraction of the space. Finally, fill the holes with putty.