Many residents will know well the trials that occur within their property when cold weather settles. The winter brings about draughts and moisture that can make it hard to feel comfortable in a place you should most feel safe and relaxed. Fewer, however, will make the same considerations for summer, only to later find themselves sweltering in the heat and unable to sleep comfortably due to a lack of ventilation.

As with a winter blockade, there are a number of ways to prepare for a comfortable summer at home, with some considerations being relatively minor but having a significant impact. So, as the year leads us toward a period of sunshine and heat, here are some of the ways you can ensure a pleasant home no matter what heights the temperature reaches.

Correct Your Fan

Fans are, for most of us, a go-to remedy for a warm day. However, many of us are using them incorrectly. Instead of simply circulating the air around a room, where the cooling sensation is limited, point them toward an open window, which expels the warm air and ensures heat stays out.

Check Your Material

Many of the blankets and fabrics we use for comfort, such as those on our beds and sofas, are not breathable and can retain warmth. This leads to discomfort and irritation during hot spells. Instead, seek to swap these sheets out with breathable alternatives, preferably made from organic and natural materials, such as cotton.

Build Outdoors

Creating a dedicated space in your garden ensures that, during the summer, you have a pleasant place within which to relax. Some choose luxurious log cabins, which can offer a cool shade to enjoy, while others create luscious areas of green flora to nestle beneath. Whatever you choose, be sure that it has the space and privacy you require to find an idyllic respite.

Install Nets

Just as we seal our windows for the winter, we must perform a similar task during summer, except this time it is insects, not the cold, that you are looking to keep out. Net curtains help to deter pesky insects that, otherwise, will end up congregating inside your rooms and becoming a nuisance. They will also ensure that windows can be kept open for ventilation and allow natural light to pour in.

Eat Cool

Turning on your oven or cooking on the stove will heat your home. During winter, this is a great benefit, and should be used to one’s advantage. However, during the summer, it should be kept to a minimum. Instead, enjoy cooler meals, those that don’t require a significant amount of cooking. The process may only be brief but the heat will linger through the day and night.

Minimise Device Usage

Your games console and electronic devices pump out heat to stay cool. During the summer, they will do this more often too, looking to overcome the day’s warmth. While relatively minor, these emissions contribute to heat and, especially during the night, can affect your comfort levels. Be sure to keep their usage to a minimum and that they are turned off when not in use.