Losing your house key is one thing but losing your car key can land you in lot more trouble. Car locks and keys are completely different from your house keys. It is a lot more complicated.

You won’t be able to drive your car unless you get the issue fixed. If you are facing this problem, we can help you. This post is for all those people who have lost their car keys and don’t know what to do. We will show you all the options for Car Key Replacement.

Car key replacement means getting a new car key. You can replace your car keys for a number of reasons like,

  • Lost keys
  • Damaged keys
  • Broken keys
  • Locked out situation

Key replacement procedure can be quite complicated. Earlier there were metal keys, which can be easily cut out. But due to technological advancement, new types of car keys are issued. Replacement of these keys needs special tools and programming knowledge.

Key replacement Options:

If you have lost your keys, you have 4 option to get it replaced. Choose an option by comparing the cost, time and damage. Here are the options for you.

Automotive Locksmith: You can get the replacement key from an auto locksmith. They provide quick service with an average cost. They are the best option in case of a locked out situation.

  • Insurance Provider: 

If your car insurance cover lost key replacement, you can approach them to get new keys. However, there are very fewer insurance companies that provide this service. You have to pay an additional premium to get this service covered. It is expensive.

  • Car Dealership:

You can also approach your car dealer to get the key replaced. It is very slow as well as costly.

  • Garage:

This option is cheap but they can damage the car in the process. You can approach them at your own risk. They don’t have all the equipment needed for this service.

Best Option:

Out of all the above option, the best choice is to approach an auto locksmith. Insurance companies, as well as dealership companies, approach auto locksmiths to get the car key replaced for you.

Instead of using their service as a third party, you can directly contact them. Make sure you contact a licensed and skilled locksmith. They will use any one of these options to develop new keys for your car.

  • Impression Method: 

This method works only with traditional keys. They will cut and make a new key for you using the key impression from the car lock.

  • Replacement Method:

This method is used for modern keys like transponder keys. The locksmiths need special programming knowledge, skills and equipment to make new transponder keys. They will need the car’s VIN number to get started.

They will reprogram the car lock and make new programmed keys to open the lock. You won’t be able to open the lock with old keys after the lock id reprogrammed.


This is all you need to know about car key replacement. So, if you have lost your car keys, don’t panic! Check all the available options, compare them and choose the best one. It is best to approach an auto locksmith if you want quick and low-cost services.