A reception desk is the first thing with which the customers are greeted upon entering the office. Hence, it is necessary that you select your customer reception desk with utmost care. Customer reception desk [เคาน์เตอร์ ต้อนรับ ลูกค้า, which is the term in Thai] is one of the most important elements in creating the company’s impression in the mind of the customer. Therefore, it is necessary that you make your reception desk with high quality material along with attractive style that meets the need for modern-day business places.

Tips for the effective customer reception desk

  • Continuous staffing: When a customer enters your business premises the first thing that he/she looks for is the reception desk; hence it is necessary that it should be staffed all time. If the customer has to wait for the receptionist, it leaves bad impression in the minds of the customer.
  • First impression: The reception desk is the first thing that a customer notices upon entering the business premise. Hence, it is necessary that your reception desk must be attractive that can influence the mind of the customer.
  • Comfortable: The waiting area or the reception desk must be designed in a manner that makes the wait comfortable for the customer. The area must be clean along with the access to coffee or snacks.

Ways to make an impression with the reception desk

  • Interior design: While designing your reception area it is necessary that you give importance to the interior designing of the reception desk. Select the style, color and space with care as it can create or tarnish your image in front of the customer.
  • Reception staff: A major area that needs to be given due importance is the hiring of the reception staff. The appearance and behaviour of the front desk staff can attract or detract the customer.
  • Check-in-process: The type of customer check-in-process can also create an impression of the company.

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