Heat and hot water are crucial in chilly winter months, and over half of the power, utility bill contributes to the heating system. An energy-efficient boiler can make a significant difference. All modern models of boilers are optimally designed to make them fuel-efficient, but unavoidably some heat and steam dissipates through the flue, a pipe for emitting exhaust and supplying fresh air to the burner. Modern boilers have numerous advantages over older models, but condensing makes the crucial difference. The condensing boiler recuperates from the emitted flue gas and directs it to the central heating system making it more efficient.

Zero Carbon Footing

If you think it is time to replace the old boiler with a new version, consult with boiler installation EdinburghThey will provide the specifications cost of condensing boiler. You will come to know about zero-emission heating systems which are economical and eco-friendly. The UK government’s policy of zero-carbon footing will phase out fossil fuel heating systems by 2050. More homeowners are expected to switch over to low-carbon heating systems. Consult with professionals before you install a new boiler as there are many factors to consider.

Gas Most Economical

If you have a natural gas connection, the condensing gas boiler operates at optimal cost to provide sufficient heating and hot water. The current average fuel price exhibits gas as the most economical fuel per kWh for condensing boiler compared to other sources like coal, electricity, or LPG. If you prefer a low-carbon heating system, you can go for a heat pump along with a reduced operational cost depending on the type of system and fuel.

System boilers which could be gas or oil, come with an attached water tank to store hot water; combi boilers are devoid of these attachments and provide hot water and temperature on demand. A system boiler produces more heat than a combi boiler, but a considerable amount of heat is lost hot water tank over time. On the other hand, a combi boiler could be more efficient depending on several factors like capacity and the possibility of solar panel installation in the future. The selection of the right kind of boiler depends on hot water usage.

Combi or System Boiler

For a large family system boiler would be more suitable, and for a small family, a combi boiler is more desirable. As combi boilers have no external water tank, it needs less space than system boilers. If you have a plan to use solar energy for heating systems, system boilers are more adaptable with it. However, some combi boilers are compatible with solar panels.

If the flue is made of metal, then the boiler is unlikely to be condensing one. Usually, it is made of plastic. In condensing boiler, a pipe is attached at the bottom connecting to the drain. If it is a gas or LPG boiler installed after 2005, or a boiler fixed after 2007, it is expected to be a condensing one. Boiler installation Edinburgh can install a condensing boiler. This type of boiler comes with a heat recovery system, captivating a portion of lost energy to heat room and water.