Different bear lock products are used in different places. But the main idea is that once you have a bear lock product, you will be able to unlock your door or cabinet and remove any object safely. Nobody wants to get hurt by a bear or any other wild animal so it’s recommended to install the bear lock products that are efficient and reliable. The most important thing is to install them correctly and ensure they can be accessed very quickly in case of emergency.

The most common types of these locks include:

On the inside of a door

This type of lock includes a hook that you place on the inside of the door and one on the frame. These are usually installed at entrances to houses, garages, dormitories, etc. You can also get special locks for the bottom of your doors so bears cannot open them from underneath.

At the bottom of a door

This system consists of two metal bars which are placed at the bottom of your door on both sides and which should be attached to each other with two small chains or cables. The purpose is similar to those above – preventing bears from opening them from below. However, this kind of lock is usually installed in areas where bears can access doors from both above and below. In such cases, you need to

The lock is made of plastic and metal. The product is a portable and easy to use. It can be used for different purposes such as home, office, school etc.

Product features:

  1. Brand new and high quality

2. Strong plastic case

3. Sturdy metal shackle

4. Short shackle design ensures that the shackle cannot be cut with bolt cutters or hacksaws

5. Easy installation, the shackle screw is hexagonal drive, which can be easily removed by a screwdriver without requiring any other tools

6. The whole lock body has four holes, which can be fixed on the door frame with screws (not included)

7. The wire inside the lock body can be pulled out through the hole in the shackle

8. When the key is inserted into the keyhole of the lock body, the pawl will push down the pin to block it from going up, then you can open it easily

9. Simply insert the key into the lock and turn clockwise to unlock it or counterclockwise to relock it

Today, here we will introduce three types of popular and most useful bear lock products for your reference.

Firstly, here comes the keychain bear pepper spray for your reference. This compact keychain is small and easy to carry, convenient for outdoor activities.

Secondly, coming here is the portable safe bear spray for your reference which is much more powerful than the keychain one. Equipped with 10 gram of pepper spray, it can protect you from various kinds of bears effectively.

Lastly, come on to the bear pepper spray gun now! This product has been proved to be very effective in protecting people from dangerous animals like bears or even wolves. It has been widely used by hunters as well as hikers and campers during their journey in the forest or desert so that they will have a safe trip without any accidents happened! To know more about the bear locks click here for more information.