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With thousands, even millions of people moving all across the United States every year, it is almost a miracle that most of these moves go smoothly, with no problems whatsoever. Of course, hiring a reputable moving professional or company is a must. But even with most of the moves run smoothly, shady practices or scams still happens from time to time. It is in everyone’s best interest to be informed about every step in the moving process. Listed below are ways to hire the best moving team that suits your needs.

Moving inventory

A good and reputable moving professional or firm will take inventory of every item being moved and determine the move’s weight and bulk, either through virtual surveys or in person. Estimators need to be very thorough and check every storage place like garages, drawers, bookcases, and cupboards. A large component of their price tag is based on the staff’s weight and space, the goods will take up in their truck. Make sure you know and understand that estimate, and it is as precise as possible.

Make sure that the walk-through is comprehensive

Estimators who perform a short and quick walk-through without taking notes on what the homeowner is planning to move is going to be a red flag. A reputable estimator will ask a lot of questions about what the homeowner intends to take from their current homes to their next home. So, make sure to be prepared to tell them which items you do not want to be loaded on their truck – things you plan to donate to the charity, plan to give away, leave behind for the next owner, or sell in yard sales.

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Do not pay large deposits

Reputable professionals or companies won’t demand large deposits or cash before doing their jobs. People should only pay upon the completion of the job. If they pay in advance, homeowners have no control over when they will see their items again. When they do pay, use credit cards to help protect them from possible shady or fraudulent activities.

Avoid companies who switch names like its dirty laundry

Some firms avoid being checked by the BBB or Better Business Bureau by staying under the radar using different business names. Make sure that the firm has a local physical address, as well as information about their insurance policies and licensing. 

Their staff should answer the phone calls with their full names, as well as the name of the business. Find out if their company has other names and their federal or state license numbers. Check the Internet to see if there are bad reviews or complaints about the firm or their workers. 

Get references – the more, the better

If your family members, friends, neighbors, or co-workers do not have recommendations, get a compiled list of reputable movers from organizations like the American Moving and Storage Association or state associations. Ask companies for any reference. Tell them you want a list of at least three previous clients from you are who availed of their services in the past two to three months. Call their past clients and ask questions about their moving experience.

Avoid packing cost

If homeowners pack their items by themselves, the company usually is not responsible for any damage to the items. But if the homeowner has the company do the packing, they may pay inflated prices for packing materials and boxes, not to mention the labor cost and time. 

If property owners decide to have, the firm packs their items, ask about the workers’ experience when it comes to packing. Of these people are very careful, but customers want to avoid the chance of getting their items tossed carelessly inside the box and seal it up without thinking of the possibility of breakage.

Visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Moving_%26_Storage_Association for more details about AMSA.

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Be careful of additional fees

If you are living or moving into a two-story house or 10th-floor apartment, there is a big chance that movers will ask for an extra charge because of the stairs and elevators. The time and effort exerted when moving appliances or furniture to and from the 10th floor are different from the time and effort exerted when moving items to or from a one-floor house. If your property has a narrow street that will not fit a moving van, expect an additional fee to transfer your items to a smaller delivery truck. Make sure to ask the firm about extra charges that may apply to specific situations.

Valuation protection and insurance

All company movers in Charlotte NC, are required by the city or state to assume liability for the value of the items they are transporting. But there are two levels of liability. Customers need to be aware of the fees that apply, as well as the amount of protection required by each level.

Avoid blank contracts

Do not, at all cost, sign a blank contract. Get everything in writing – the firm’s estimate and additional charges, as well as the pick-up and delivery dates. Read the fine print of the contract and ensure all the items are listed especially valuable ones. If your laptop or personal computer is not labeled on the inventory document you sign before they leave, you cannot expect it to be inside the box when they arrive. People cannot file claims for something that does not appear on their inventory list.

Report any issues

Clients have nine months to report or inform the company and file insurance claims. So, if you are opening boxes one year later and find broken glass or missing items, you are out of luck. On the day of the move, make sure to open the boxes and sift through them to check for damages and missing valuables. 

Please take note of any issues with their copy of the bill of lading before signing the document. The firm has 30 days to acknowledge the receipt of the claim. Within 120 days of receiving the report, they need to deny the request or make a fair offer to pay for the damage or missing items.