To avoid food contamination during Preparation, you should pay attention to personal hygiene such as clean clothes and freshly washed hands and cleaned fingernails.

Wash your hands before preparing meals and more often between operations, especially: after contact with raw food, before the processing of raw meals, after contact with waste, before the meal

To prevent the transmission of pathogens that raw products may be contaminated with, you should process them without them coming into contact with other foods.

It would be best if you disposed of packaging and defrosted water from meat and poultry immediately. The work surfaces should be cleaned with warm water.

It would be best to use different kitchen utensils for the Preparation of food to be eaten raw and cooked. Ensure you clean them with water and soap if possible in the dishwater.

Most germs can be killed by heating to 70 to 100 ° C:

Therefore, food should be heated sufficiently during Preparation or when it is being reheated so that at least 70 ° C is reached inside the food for two minutes. You can also check the meat with a meat thermometer if you have cause to doubt

If it is necessary to keep warm food hot until it is consumed, the food’s temperature should not fall below 65 ° C.

Raw milk (unpasteurized milk) should be boiled before consumption.

For small children, pregnant women, or people with weakened immune systems, foods such as raw milk products, raw meat such as tartare or carpaccio, raw sausage, raw fish such as sushi, smoked salmon, and raw seafood such as oysters and dishes with raw eggs are not recommended.

To prevent germs from multiplying, fruit, vegetables, and lettuce should be eaten immediately after being cut or stored covered in the refrigerator.  

If you want to take safe action against possible germ contamination, you should, for example, heat sprouts and frozen berries before consumption.

Pets can also transmit pathogens. Therefore, they should not be petted or kept away from your food while preparing food.

In addition, it is advisable to get kitchen floor mats to prevent dust and germs coming from your feet

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