If you have newly installed floors of granite and marble, you want them to last for generations. Well, this is only possible when you maintain it in the best way. Sometimes when renovating the paint spill on your countertop which is difficult to clean off if not cleaned at the moment. This paint is not about the colors but the house paint is one of the single most difficult to remove substances. When using it you need to be careful to get it cleaned if spilled.

 If you want to get it clean without damaging your countertop, then you should seek professional cleaners. Clean Group commercial cleaning Sydney makes use of various ways and see how they safely remove paint drips:

  • Scrub the paint residue with right solutions

If there is not much spillage of paint, then it can be easily removed by applying the lighter solution that cleans it with a few wiping. However, some paint spillage is hard to remove and in this, the cleaners make use of solutions and apply the paste to it. With this, they wet sponge and scrub the paint-smeared area. They do it in firm circles to avoid spreading the spot and also scrub to make the gritty paste. If the paint is oil-based, they prefer condensing the suitable solutions to remove the oil first.

  • Apply solvent to remove dried paint from countertops

When you didn’t notice the dried spilled paint earlier, then it will be tougher for you to remove it however, it will be easier for the professional cleaners. In this case, they make use of solvents that are strong enough to clean up the dried paints.

  • Scraping the paint off your countertop

In some cases, professional cleaners prefer to scrap the countertop instead of using the solvent. This is also the best way to get rid of dried paint.  A sealed countertop is perfectly smooth and it is easy to scrap it with tools. Do not try to scrap the paint with sharp objects as it can damage the countertop. You can get professional cleaners that make use of the right tools.

Cleaning of the spilled paint is very difficult and it is always advised to follow precautions while using it. In case the paints get spilled, it is preferred to call professional cleaners. This ensures the proper removal of paint without damaging the countertop.

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