The TV is one of the essential elements of a living room. You must pay attention to its placement. Make sure it is kept at an angle that will not strain your neck if you look at it for too long from your sitting area. Besides the placement of the TV, you have to think of the aesthetic appeal of the surrounding space. This is because the TV often becomes the focal point of the room and attracts all the eyes. If the area is not well-designed, the overall look of the living room design will diminish. The appearance of your TV wall hugely influences the overall design of the room. Mentioned below are a few stylish TV wall designs in the hall:

01 of 05 An exposed brick wall

A brick wall is a great idea to create a very interesting TV wall design in the hall. This is a versatile option that can be used in various living room designs. An exposed brick wall has a very bold appearance and adds more visual interest to the setup. Choose the rest of the decor accessories according to your preferences. As a result, you can give your living room design a more personal touch. If you are not sure which living room TV wall design you should opt for, this is one of the best options available.

02 of 05 Create a suitable backing

You can create various wood TV stands. Depending on your preferences, you can use wood to cover only the area behind the TV or the entire wall. If you just want to cover the area behind the device, order custom panels. You have to make a basic plan of how you want the space to appear so that your designer can understand your needs. Customised designs can get more functional if you opt for shelves on either side of the TV. These shelves can be used for storing and displaying various items like CDs, magazines, books, decor items, etc.

03 of 05 Opt for a TV wall unit

In many modern home designs, homeowners are installing special furniture units. These furniture pieces help to ensure that the available space is used efficiently. As a result, the room appears more organised. While designing the furniture piece with shelves, leave some space so that you can accommodate the TV. There are many interesting ideas you can come up with selecting the furniture unit design. To create an appealing and contrasting look, choose a wood TV stand with a white unit. When your TV will be off, it will stay practically hidden. 

04 of 05 Give the wall a 3D texture

If you want to create a very modern look, you can opt for unusual solutions. For instance, creating uneven texture on the wall for an appealing look. It may not be a very popular choice but it can certainly make the TV wall design in your living room very interesting. Moreover, there are many options available in hand as 3D panels come in various different textures. You can choose upholstered panels as well to create the perfect modern TV wall design.

While opting for 3D panels, you must keep in mind that too many of them can ruin the overall appeal. Besides the wall behind the TV, do not apply 3D patterns to the rest of the space.

 05 of 05 Choose a wallpaper for the TV wall

If you want to create an interesting or unusual pattern on the wall, you will have to hire a painter for the task. The expenses required for the paint and the painter might prove to be quite expensive. Instead, you should buy wallpaper for the wall. They are an economical option. Also, you will easily find wallpapers in many different colours, shapes, and sizes featuring interesting designs.  Choose one that not only matches the design of your home decor but also reflects your personality. However, you must always buy good quality wallpaper for the wall. This is important because the TV might damage the wallpaper if it gets too hot after staying on for a few hours. If you plan to install a TV bracket, it is best to hire a professional to do it to avoid damage to your walls.