There are many reasons to do home renovations. You may have saved some money by purchasing the fixer-upper with lots of potential. Perhaps you’ve been in your home for years and it’s time for a facelift. You may need more space or a different configuration. Whatever the reason, remodeling various rooms in a house is a common project. It can be time-consuming and expensive. You may hire professionals or choose to do it yourself. One of the most frequently renovated rooms is the bathroom.

Why Renovate?

Whether you hire a team of professionals from a company like LBR in Norway or do it yourself, there are several reasons to renovate a bathroom. The first is simply that you are tired of the one you have. You may want new decor for the toilet, sink and tub. Another reason is taking out a wall and enlarging the bathroom. If you only have a shower stall you might want to put in a bathtub or dual vanities. Another common project is the installation of a new bathroom for a growing family. It’s a big project and needs to be done properly to avoid problems.

The Budget

The cost of renovating a bathroom can escalate quickly so it’s important to create a detailed budget beforehand. Be realistic about what you can afford to spend. You will have to account for all of the fixtures you will need. This includes the sink, vanity, tub, toilet, faucets, lighting fixtures and mirror/medicine cabinet. There is also flooring and paint. You may also need plumbing supplies such as traps or other pipes. Unless you are doing it yourself, you must also calculate labor costs. Allow for a little extra to cover those unforeseen expenses that always seem to pop up. Plan carefully and go over the budget multiple times.

Choosing the Fixtures

Care should be taken when choosing all of the fixtures for the new bathroom. Measure carefully ahead of time. It would be awful to spend a lot of money on your dream bathtub and find out it doesn’t fit. Choose carefully because once they are installed, it will be expensive to change them and you may not be able to return things. Shop early as there may be fixtures you have to order. You want to give them plenty of time to arrive to avoid costly delays. 

When choosing flooring and wall coverings, make sure they are bathroom-friendly. You want them to be able to stand up to moisture. Hiring bathroom specialists costs more but can save time and aggravation and ensure the job is done right.

The Process

Unless you are very handy, it is highly recommended to hire professionals to do the work. Mistakes in bathroom renovation can cause leaks that lead to major water damage. Installing light fixtures can be tricky and working with wiring can be dangerous. You also want your new bathroom to look nice. If there are flaws and mistakes everywhere, then there is no point in going through the time and expense.

Should you decide to do it yourself, come up with a plan. Write it down so that you follow each step carefully and in order. Make sure everything fits without having to squeeze something into a too-small space. Plan for storage. This is often overlooked and a bathroom needs places to store things. Safety is an important consideration as well. Slipping in the tub or on a wet floor is common. Consider a tub with a grippy surface or buy a decorative mat or stickers to install. You can also add bars to the walls. These can be grasped when getting in or out of the tub and help prevent falls.

Take your time and perform each step properly before moving on to the next. There are many DIY videos available online and you can ask for help at your local home improvement store.

When doing home improvements, adding or renovating a bathroom is one of the most frequently done projects. It’s an important room, so you want it done right. Budget and plan carefully and consider hiring a pro. It’s a big job to tackle on your own, so if you choose the DIY path, make sure you know what you’re getting into.

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