Florida homeowners can benefit from asphalt shingles

As in most of the United States, asphalt shingles are king when it comes to Florida roofing. These tiles are attractive, affordable, easy to install, and available in many styles and colors. These roofs are able to function on various levels of the slope, making them ideal for Florida’s diverse architecture. Asphalt shingles last a lifetime and are easy to maintain. They are a good choice for summer homes where the owner will only be there for a few seasons.


Florida can experience extreme weather conditions that can cause asphalt shingles to be damaged or destroyed. All shingles used in Florida should comply with ASTM D 3462 and ASTM D 2225. To determine which shingles are the best, homeowners should first check their local wind zone. Florida residents might live in hurricane zones or wind zones at 110 mph and higher. Special shingles are needed in windy areas. 6 additional nails may also be required to keep the roof’s integrity.

Florida Offers Other Options For Roofing

Commercial buildings often use sheet metal roofs. This type of roof is also used in residential buildings. Metal is less wind-resistant than asphalt but it’s also more expensive and more insulating.

Another option for Florida homeowners are shingles. These tiles are made from either concrete or ceramic material. These tiles are very heavy. These tiles are often used in Spanish-style homes. They are not eligible for government discounts that favor hurricane-resistant roofing materials.

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