Even when you regularly maintain your home, you will always find that something still goes wrong eventually. It could be that some kitchen tiles get broken or the fan in the bathroom stops working. While some things don’t need to be addressed immediately, others do. Here are some repairs that you should never put off. 


Over time, it’s natural for foundations to start to show some wear and tear. You might start to see that your floors have become uneven from the foundation settling and shifting. Or, perhaps you’ve noticed cracks in the exposed parts of the foundation outside. When you start to see problems, you want to call a foundation repair company as soon as possible. Letting the situation sit could mean that it gets worse, which can raise the repair costs exponentially. 


Sometimes, things work perfectly fine until all of a sudden, they don’t. This is often the case with electricity. If you find that you have switches or outlets that are suddenly hot to the touch or light switches that stop turning on the lights, you want to call an electrician to investigate the problem. You could have wires that have worn out and are exposed in the wall, or too much power could be going through the line, which could be a significant fire hazard

When you have electrical problems, stop using the switch or outlet that is having issues. Even flipping a switch that is having problems could be enough to start a fire. If you have children that mindlessly try to use the outlet or switch, place some tape over it so they can’t use it. 


If you see that your walls and ceilings have started to discolor and are spongy to the touch, you likely have a water leak inside the walls. Because water is incredibly destructive, you want to address the situation immediately instead of letting it go. Depending on how long the pipe has been leaking, you could find that you need to replace sheetrock and framing in multiple rooms if the problem isn’t caught fast enough. 

When you realize that there is a problem, turn off the main water access to your home. For most homes, this is found on the street with your water meter. You’ll find that the main is easiest to turn off with a water meter key, but can also be done with a crescent wrench.