If this is your first day buying a condo, you will surely have many questions about this investment. Buying a condo is a great decision if this is the first property that you are buying. Compared to family estates or townhouses, condos require less maintenance and are generally hassle-free. The owners of condos usually share ownership over common amenities like the community pool or gym. They pay the property tax of their own house, as well as for the maintenance. So the owners pay them a certain amount to take care of the extra things. There is also something called the condo association that sets the cost of the maintenance and management of the condo.

Here are some tips to consider while buying a condo, especially in Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

  • Take into consideration your lifestyle – If you prioritize privacy and space a lot, maybe condo is not for you. That is to say, condos too provide the same privacy that townhouses may offer. The difference is that condos are much closer to each other than other types of properties. Almost like, the walls are attached. If you are looking for a place that is low maintenance and does not require a lot of care, then condos may be for you. Bangkok condos are among the most popular. This is because Thailand is a place where digital nomads are flocking to settle, and condos are the most convenient place to take up within a budget. Especially if you are planning on living alone.
  • Try working with a realtor – This is because estate realtors are professionals and experts in the field of homes. Whether you are looking for a property, working with someone with experience makes the hunt easier. They can help you buy the condo according to your preferences and take you through the process of buying it. They have a better idea of the location and what kind they are. Whether they are suitable for you or not, an agent can help you with it. If possible, visit the area and talk to their residents to get a better idea of the community.
  • Decide the amenities beforehand – Before you begin your search for the condo, make a list of the amenities you want and looking for in the condo. This can be a big help during your discussion with the estate agent. Knowing what you are looking for is also convenient. Things like the budget and location – you should decide on them beforehand. It is also better to take up the extra provided facilities, like the community gym or pool. Later, when you decide to sell your place, you can add the cost for them. There are many Chiang Mai condos for sale with most of the basic facilities you want to have. They are also more affordable than condos from other places.
  • Familiarize yourself with the association fees and regulations – The Condo association is established to manage and take care of the condos in the community. It is an obvious thing that they will also some rules and regulations of their own. Review them and see how strict they are about certain things like noise restrictions and other things. Discuss the fees as well beforehand and ask what all is included in it. Also, confirm the process of registering complaints if you ever need anything.