Starting to study English as an adult can bring some challenges. After all, when we start learning a new language in childhood, several factors contribute to understanding new information.

If you have already started your professional life, you can undoubtedly come across:

  • lack of time to study
  • need for high performance during studies
  • low availability of time to attend classes
  • need for courses focused on professional life

To solve these challenges, it is essential to find a reliable educational institution that will offer the courses and experiences necessary for this professional to develop the studies of a new language without harming his routine.

How To Learn English?

Fortunately, with the increase in the search for English courses, it is becoming easier to find different courses that suit your needs. Along with a good course, having some practices can help you optimize learning as much as possible, facilitating and accelerating the process of understanding and mastering the English language.

1. English Course

Taking an English course is the first step to learning the English language. There are different modalities, focusing on business if your need is. You can focus on English courses to learn the basics of the English language and develop your skills, or you can take courses focused on the job market. This second option usually asks for a basis for better understanding.

2. Watch Movies And Series With Subtitles

When watching movies and series, opt for the English subtitled version. It will help to develop your language comprehension skills. Once you are confident, remove the subtitles and watch only with the audio in English. This exercise allows you to develop and challenge your understanding and knowledge of the language.

3. Listen To Songs In English

Listening to songs in English and paying attention to what is being said is also an excellent way to improve your understanding of the English language. In this practice, we will understand how our level of understanding of the language is through listening, without relying on support materials such as texts and images. A good exercise: try listening to the song once without any support and understanding some phrases and words. Then listen again, along with the lyrics. Check unfamiliar words in a dictionary. Listen to it one last time without the lyrics, and try to remember as you listen. You will find that you will understand much more than the first time.

4. Conversation

Whenever possible, establish dialogues in English to practice conversation. Try to communicate through the second language with friends or children to improve verbal development and understanding. There are also groups and events focused on practicing conversation in English that help develop the language even more intensively. During classes, avoid using Portuguese.

5. Writing

Working on writing is also essential. The tip is to practice writing in small texts to develop your English more and more. Learn about how difficult is the toefl itp (สอบโทเฟล ไอทีพียากไหม, which means in thai] here.