The Step-by-Step Guide to Renovating Your Dream Kitchen

If so, have you always wanted a completely redesigned kitchen? It’s lovely to set significant objectives for your project, but you may want to consider splitting it up into smaller chunks. After all, a kitchen renovation typically takes six to twelve weeks to complete.

It’s easy to understand why this may not be the most excellent plan when you start thinking about living in a cluttered kitchen for up to three months.

To help you understand what “remodeling in phases” means and how you may apply it to your kitchen renovation project, here’s a brief primer.

Tear Down and Disposal 

To begin a kitchen renovation, removing the existing components and creating room for the new ones is necessary. At this point, you may anticipate your contractors to either dispose of the old materials on their own or with the help of a removal agency.

As an alternative, if you want to save money on the endeavor, you may handle the trash removal on your own. Alternatively, Take note, however, of the complexity of complete kitchen teardowns and the weight-based pricing of most waste removal services.

Furniture In The Uppermost Cabinets

Changing or upgrading the top cabinets is a common first step in a phased kitchen redesign. If you can paint, repaint or replace these cabinets within a few days to a week, you should be able to continue using the kitchen usually.

Kitchen Countertops and Lower Cabinets

Lower cabinets and countertops follow. The kitchen may be useless for at least a few days, depending on what you have planned. If your redesign necessitates the replacement of your sink and faucet, do it now.

Assessments Of Electrical and Mechanical Systems

On the other hand, adding new kitchen lights almost certainly necessitates rewiring or extra wiring in your newly renovated kitchen. Keeping this in mind, it’s preferable if you also work with an established kitchen remodeler or have them subcontract this phase to a professional electrician. Besides installing wires throughout your house, professionals may also assist you in relocating old appliances or installing new ones that need electrical work in your new kitchen.

Assessments Of The Plumbing System

In addition to electricity, plumbing is a vital aspect of your kitchen. The old plumbing may have to be removed to install new components in a kitchen makeover. You should first consult with a professional plumber about your new kitchen’s piping needs before moving forward with the installation. Plumbing professionals may readily identify and correct any issues, such as broken connections, small pipes, or outdated designs, by performing an inspection first.


Updating your flooring shouldn’t take more than a few days unless you have a huge kitchen or are making significant changes. It may make sense to start with the flooring in some instances before moving on to the bottom cabinets.

A Look At The Completed Kitchen Installation

The kitchen must be thoroughly inspected when the renovation procedure is complete. Inspect the complete refurbished kitchen if you hire a general contractor to handle the job. If you have any concerns or complaints about the conclusion, voice them to the contractor.

It is also necessary to have your kitchen inspected by officials before your permit application can be stamped as complete. You may request an inspection from your contractor. This is a critical step in determining whether or not you’ve made the appropriate financial decisions with your money. Contact the best professional service for your kitchen remodeling in Santa Clara by Done Right Home Remodeling.


You may have to spend a lot of time, money, and effort on a kitchen redesign, but it will all be worth it. To minimize any surprises or shocks that may arise, it is essential to be completely informed of the remodeling process.


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