An appliance or filtering agent which is meant to eliminate the heavy minerals from water like calcium and magnesium is a water softener. Most people don’t know that all of the water is not same. Few of the water has large amount of calcium and magnesium which is absorbed from ground which makes it hard. If the water doesn’t have these minerals and consist of quantities in limited which means its soft water. The softening of water is the procedure for eliminating the magnesium and calcium. The water present in the lakes and streams are actually soft. But the water in the ground consists of regions with more amounts of gypsum, limestone, and chalk which are actually hard. To make the water soft, the water softener is utilized to eliminate the heavy minerals in hard water. Search about water softener San Antonio to find more information regarding water softener and its operations.

The operations of water softening

The ion exchange water type softener is utilized most of the time. In the procedure of water softening, the ions of magnesium and calcium are present in the water. They are removed and substituted with ions of sodium. When the hard water enters the tank of mineral water, it flows all the way through spherical resin beads. The beads are created from sodium ions that are charged and polystyrene. As the beads are anions they consist of a negative charge. The calcium and magnesium ions are positively charged which makes them cations.

You know that the charges of opposite attract the charges of calcium attracted to the resin beads having negative charges. The beads continue to draw the mineral ions which displace the sodium charge that was once present on the beads of resin. The end product you acquire is water that is pure and doesn’t have magnesium and calcium charges. The beads of resin continue to separate the water hardness in the mineral tank turning into soft water which enters your home.

The beads of resin are filled with minerals and may fail to eliminate the heavy mineral ions. The water tank control valve starts the cycle of regeneration which enables the units of softening to be more efficient. The capacity at maximum is composed of valve of control on computer onboard based on the house size and occupant number. Also, it eliminates the water hardness.

A brine tank is associated to help the regeneration system which consists of salt solution consisting either potassium or sodium which restores the positive charges on the beads of resin. When it sits adjacent to the tank of minerals, the salt is added to this tank as blocks or pellets which becomes soluble inside the water. 

The computer of control valve with give one-time signal with the capacity of resin softening. The heavy solution of brine will be drawn from the tank and removes the minerals through resin. In the brine tank when it runs out of salt then water is not going to get softened. 

Thus, this the actual working of a water softener which softens your water to save you from hard water effects.