Pool heaters, as the name says, are the equipment that is used for heating water in the swimming pool. With the help of these heaters, the pool owners can enjoy spending some more time in water that is heated to the right temperature as per their requirement. They are used frequently, and hence they require constant maintenance.

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Signs telling you to check the pool heater

Your pool heater will start showing some signs indicating that it is time to get it checked by an experienced pool heater maintenance service. 

  • Water failing to heat up to the required temperature

If you feel the pool is not getting heated up to the required temperature, then it is time to get the pool heater checked. This can be because of many reasons such as improper setting of the timer, or the filter might be dirty. The constant cleaning and maintenance of the pool heaters can avoid such issues in the future. 

  • The heater will not turn on or stay in the switched-on mode

Every machine runs perfectly when there is enough flow of the required energy to it. The pool heater requires enough supply of water along with some other factors such as fuel, fresh filter, and transformer to run perfectly. When there is a faulty transformer, low fuel, and low water pressure, then the heater will not stay in the switched-on mode or turn on. 

  • Unusual noises

The improper maintenance of the filter system in the pool heater will result in causing some damage to the heating unit. This can make the pool heater make some noise every time you try to switch it on. 

  • Release of soot or smoke

When you notice the release of soot or smoke from your pool heater, you should understand that your heating unit requires the immediate attention of an expert. 

What damages the pool heating unit?

Here are some reasons that can damage the working mechanism of the pool heater. 

  • Running when there is no water in the pool

One of the many blunders that the pool owners commit is running the heaters when the water in the pool is not up to the minimal level. If there is no supply of water to the heater, then there will be no heating of the swimming pool water. The improper supply of water can result in some chemical reactions and this results in damaging the pool heaters. 

  • Energy costs

If you notice an increase in the numbers in your monthly energy consumption bills, then it is understood that there is an issue with your pool heater. The pool heaters that are not maintained properly can consume more energy for working properly increasing the monthly energy consumption bill. 

Many local pool heater repair services can help you in the regular maintenance of your equipment. You can hire one for keeping the pool heater in its best condition for more years.