Are you tired of your Shabby Chic or French Country style home and looking for something cleaner and more modern? There is no time like the present to redo your home and give yourself and your family a lift. Creating a modern looking room is not difficult, but it does take a bit of restraint and consistency. There are a few styles that can bring your room up to date and understanding how to do that is the first step. Below are three simple style guidelines that may help.

1. Modified Craftsman

Traditional craftsman style is all about dark finished wood and heavy-hued leather upholstery. It is also the chosen style for many craftsman homes. You can still stay true to your little bungalow while modernizing your furnishings. Today’s furniture incorporates lighter wood stains and textured linen or canvas upholstery fabrics, such as those home furnishings San Francisco showrooms offer. Woven or tapestry rugs can anchor the furnishings. Choose stained glass lamps with a more modern profile to add a bit of charm.

2. Industrial

This can also referred to as loft style. It is characterized by darker ceilings, and exposed beams brick, and useful repurposed items, such as an old cable spool being used as a kitchen table. Concrete countertops, simple metal tables and shelves and stainless appliances are typical. Furnishings have clean lines – almost architectural in appearance. Instead of a painting, you may even find a bicycle on the wall.  This style is generally spare looking with an unexpected pop of glam, such as a chandelier.

3. Farmhouse.

Yes, farmhouse. Believe it or not you can achieve this comfortable and cozy style without the use of ruffles, buffalo checks or roosters. The trick to making this style appear more modern is in the choice of fabrics and accessories. Opt for a good deal of texture, and solid colors in muted tones. Choose soft grey and beige nubby linen or cotton duck upholstered furniture to keep the farmhouse feel but choose furniture styles that are slightly more tailored rather than tufted or slip covered styles. Add a couple of knit toss pillows or tasseled throws. Select artwork with a slightly distressed feel but opt for maps or black and white photography instead of text-based art or farm animals. Choose cool brushed satin accents and add a couple of well-structured baskets.

Don’t be afraid to include the items that give you joy. If the style isn’t quite right, place them in a cabinet with glass doors to make them special. Above all, remember it is your home. Make it as comfortable as it is beautiful.