When the air starts getting warmer and daylight hours begin to lengthen, it’s only natural for us to want to begin sprucing up our homes, yards and neighborhoods. Here area few ideas for your next neighborhood cleanup.

Street Cleanup

Just like your floor needs to be swept regularly, so does your street. It’s helpful to get this professionally done. The street sweeping Washington has to offer will ensure that the streets are cleaned quickly and efficiently, the process is done without damaging roads or sidewalks and any debris is disposed of appropriately. Before having your streets cleaned, be sure to clear away any obstructions, such as fallen branches, trash cans or large pieces of garbage.

Yard Waste Collection

Winter storms can knock down lots of dead branches (plus any leaves that didn’t come down with autumn winds). In addition, warming weather and more sunlight can mean rapid grass growth and equally quick-growing piles of grass clippings. Arranging for an extra yard waste pick-up can help dispose of some of this extra green waste and ensure that unsightly (and messy) over-filled yard waste bins are avoided altogether. Be sure to let your neighbors know well in advance of this bonus pick-up day to give them enough time to collect their excess waste.

Park Cleanup

If there’s a neighborhood park you frequent, consider arranging a day to beautify it. Organizing a team of volunteers for trash pickup, weed pulling and general park maintenance will not only bring your neighborhood together over a shared goal: it will also benefit Mother Earth. Contact your local parks department to make arrangements for a park clean-up day. They may even be able to provide materials like gloves, trash pickers and garbage bags, and if their resources allow, maybe even some new flowers or trees for you to plant in the park as well. If you arrange for a park cleanup, consider embracing the occasion and making a day of it. In addition to cleanup materials, you might want to bring along water and snacks at the very least, or maybe even plan a barbeque to celebrate when all the cleaning is complete.

Spring cleaning your neighborhood will help you eliminate the waste from a long winter and prepare it for the beauty of spring and summer. By organizing a few key cleaning events with these strategies, you can ensure that your neighborhood looks its best all season long.

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