Designing a commercial building comes with many different aspects. To create an elegant, high-end look, businesses need to consider what they put into the space. Here are some elements to incorporate into the design to attract those high-end clients.


Natural stone is beautiful and sophisticated. It can instantly boost the appeal of any office space. The most popular options include granite, marble, limestone and sandstone. Depending on the stone, it can make excellent countertops, backsplashes, flooring and outdoor landscaping. Make sure you find quality commercial stone care Queens NY to keep the stone looking beautiful. Repairing stone requires the right touch so seek out a professional.


Wood floors are beautiful and last for years with the right care. The species of wood can impact cost and durability. Beyond doors, wood makes beautiful flooring, accents such as exposed beams and cabinetry. The wood can be stained or simply coated with a polyurethane to preserve the natural color. The options are nearly endless and can create a rustic look or even accent a polished d├ęcor.


Choose fabrics for furniture with care. The colors should be inviting, the material luxurious and the fabrics richly made. There are many options that offer this luxuriousness while still being durable enough to withstand constant use. Fabrics come in a variety of colors and patterns. Carefully choosing the right combinations can add sophistication and elegance to the room. If you are unsure, an interior designer can help you make those decisions.


While windows are always welcome to let in natural light, there are a myriad of ways to use glass. You can use glass for room dividers and lighting. Glass is easy to clean and can be reflective or see-through. Mirrors can help fill a space and make the room seem bigger. Opt for unique borders for additional design help. The natural light glass lets in adds instant appeal throughout the room.


Use all the space and yet avoid cluttering it. Suspended chandeliers can offer lighting, design and not take up extra space. There are so many options to choose from whether you want a rustic design, modern or French country. Use multiple chandeliers in different sizes to create a unique look to the room. Pair the design of the lighting with the designs on the walls and floors. After all, the ceiling is a fifth wall that should not be overlooked. These elements combine together to help create an elegant, luxury office space clients cannot wait to visit.