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To accompany you this summer on the holiday road, here are two compact and clever objects to add in the corner of the suitcase: the night light to reassure your children at bedtime and the USB charger to recharge, wherever you are, your smartphone, device photo or tablet.

A Twilight, Compact And Nomadic Night Light

Equipped with high-intensity LEDs, the twilight pilot light (10 A) lets you choose the ignition mode. It can either turn on automatically at nightfall and turn off when daylight returns, or be turned on and off manually. In addition, the intensity of the brightness is adjusted by pressing and holding the plug  and also has a price of power plug DATA (เต้ารับ which is the term in Thai). Space-saving, the pilot light fits perfectly into the socket. Its small size ensures maximum security since it barely protrudes from the wall.

Your Children Reassured, Fall Asleep Everywhere

Thanks to the LED night light, your children fall asleep at home without being afraid of the dark. This little companion, usually plugged in power plugs around the world (ปลั๊กไฟ ทั่ว โลก which is the term in Thai) into his bedroom, can easily be taken everywhere so that children can find their marks and the soft light they are used to. Comes with 4 color stickers and a customizable sticker, the night light can even be decorated with their favorite heroes!

A USB charger that fits into electrical outlets

The USB charger plug (5 V, 1.5 A max, without earth) allows you to charge a tablet, a smartphone, a camera, an MP3 player, a connected watch, etc., without cluttering up with their respective chargers. This charger is compatible with most standards: whether you are in Europe or the United States, you will never be helpless!

On vacation, forget everything except the USB charger

You have got into the habit of keeping all your belongings in a cabin suitcase to take advantage of low-cost flights and even by train, your suitcase becomes light. Rather than taking all your chargers, count on the USB charger to adapt to all sockets and recharge your nomadic objects with maximum efficiency. It will quickly become essential, and even at the start of the school year, take advantage of your digital devices wherever you are.

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