Flooring is one of the prime aspects of a home. It comes in the definition of the basics of a home. The choice of the floor material goes on to not just determine the appearance of the interiors and the backdrop setting for it but also defines the strength of the homes to handle weight and motion. This is why choosing the utmost option as per the current requirements is very important in terms of flooring. Rubber tiles are one of the promising options in this dimension. Their exceptional design options that resemble nature and adaptable qualities make people wonder about Rubber Wood Tiles price [กระเบื้อง ยาง ลายไม้ ราคา, which is the term in Thai]. Here are some of the advantages of these options.

Durability and low maintenance

One of the prime factors that come along with choosing the rubber tiles is that they are very strong and resilient. Under proper care and maintenance, they can last as long as twenty years without any damage. They can also be maintained easily by simple polishing measures that involve the use of wax emulsions that are soluble in water. They tend to make these tiles immune to discoloration and damages.


This is something of a basic characteristic of rubber. It has a soft texture that can easily counterbalance and handle any sort of pressure and hit. The fact of softness is also a stress reliever and prevents the people from having any sort of fatigue that can accompany walking as well as standing on it.

Water and Fire resistant

Rubber has a nature of resisting water droplets from being absorbed because of its non-porous build. This makes it an ideal choice for wet regions and places in the house that predominantly involve working with water like kitchen or bathroom. Moreover, it is also immune to burns that come along with cigarette butts or any other sort of thing that can leave a burn mark or ignite a fire.