Measure your car. The automakers usually only indicate the measurements between axles and height. But to build your garage, you need to know the size of your car, including the open mirrors.

It is also important to measure the height of your car with the trunk open so you don’t run the risk of seeing the trunk door scraping on the roof every time you need to open it in the garage.

Enjoy and measure your car with the doors open. After all, after parking the car in the garage, you will need to get out of there.

With all these measures in hand, start planning the garage. Remember also to leave a passage corridor. It doesn’t have to be too wide, enough for a person to pass without squeezing.

If you want to use the garage to store tools or even do a small workshop, consider this space when planning.

There are cars of different models and brands, and each one has a different size. So, it is always important to consider the possibility of changing your car in the future. It may be that today you have a sports model, because you are single or because you recently married. But what if in the future you have children? You will certainly need a larger car, such as an SUV, for example, in which case the size of the garage will need to be much larger.

If you have a bicycle, motorcycle, and other means of transportation and want to keep them in the garage with the car, you will need to measure them as well. In the case of bicycles, scooters, skates, and skates, it is possible to hang them on the wall, saving space. But even in these cases, it is important to consider the size not to clog the garage.

The type of gate used for the garage or the garage door also interferes with the internal space. Swing-type gates, for example, project inwards and outwards when they are opened and end up consuming usable area. Automatic gates also need more space for installing engines and opening arms. Remember these details.

Also, check how the maneuver will be done to enter and exit the garage. You may need to make a very sharp turn, in which case it may be interesting to have a slightly larger garage to avoid accidents.