When maintained right, your basement can do wonders for your home — it can be an additional storage room, a wine cellar, an entertainment area, a home bar, or even a library. But to make sure it’s safe from water damage, you’ll need help from an Atlanta waterproofing contractor.

This article aims to give a comprehensive discussion about what homeowners like you should know about basement waterproofing.

Causes of Basement Moisture

It’s important to keep your basement dry. But, water and moisture have different means to find their way into this part of your home. According to Atlanta waterproofing experts, below are the most common causes of basement moisture:

Cracked ceilings and walls. If any of your basement’s walls, floors, and ceiling has a crack, it will provide water and moisture a way to get inside your basement.

Damaged gutter and drainage systems. Basement wetness can also be attributed to damages either in your gutter or drainage system or both. Dysfunctional gutters and drainages can lead to water accumulating around your foundation and near your basement.

Hydrostatic pressure. When water accumulates around your foundation, hydrostatic pressure occurs. As water tries to escape from the forces of gravity, it can cause cracks on your basement walls.

Poor ventilation. If your basement is not equipped with proper ventilation (like exhaust fans and vents), it will be more prone to condensation — and consequently, mold growth.

Basement Waterproofing Methods

Atlanta waterproofing experts use different methods to keep your basement protected from water and moisture.

Interior waterproofing. In this method, waterproofing professionals get rid of water from the interior of your basement. Usually done after an existing water damage has been identified, this process includes using sealants to prevent condensation and mold growth.

Exterior waterproofing. Like what its name implies, this method is used to block water from outside your home to make its way into your basement. An effective preventive measure, this method often entails equipping your basement’s exterior walls with barriers.

Drainage inspection and repair. As stated, damaged drainage systems can cause basement moisture. To fully address basement wetness brought forth by this issue, you should fix the roof of the problem.

Benefits of Getting Help from Waterproofing Experts

If you are waterproofing your basement, it will be more cost-effective for you to hire a professional. Here’s why.

Proper tools and skillet. From inspection to water removal to mold remediation, waterproofing experts have the proper set of skills and equipment to carry out the whole waterproofing process efficiently. More importantly, they are licensed, trained, and have access to the latest waterproofing technologies.

Safety and quality. With their experience and qualifications, experts who specialize in waterproofing have the capacity to offer their high-quality services safely. Compared to DIY-ers, it is less likely for them to commit costly mistakes throughout the waterproofing process.

Warranty. Another great benefit of hiring professionals is the warranty. This will further give you peace in mind — should any problem arise in the future, you can tap your contractor and let them look into the issue and resolve it accordingly.

When it comes to Atlanta waterproofing, D.O.N.E. ATL is the go-to pros of home and business owners. If you need help with basement waterproofing, contact us today!


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