Traditionally, you’d need ladders, safety gear, measuring devices, and digital cameras to conduct a roof inspection. Thanks to modern technology, companies that offer roofing services, Rockwall, Texas now have other ways to conduct this task — one of which is through the use of drones.

How Drone Roof Inspections Are Carried Out

Companies that use drones to conduct roof inspections should have a drone and an appropriate software application that will allow them to perform their services.

The basic step in a drone-assisted roof inspection is for the operator to create a flight plan on the said app. During this process, your contractor will define the perimeter of your roof — a task that can be done on-site or even in the office.

Once on-site, the app will be used to launch and control the drone, which will then follow the flight plan that your contractor has created. Then, your provider of roofing services, Rockwall, Texas will gather images and data needed to assess your roofing system.

Typically, the drone will automatically land in a designated area within 10 minutes (or depending on the configuration of the program your contractor is using). The data and images gathered can be accessed via the accompanying mobile app.

The Advantages Of Drone Roof Inspections

Need to inspect your roof soon? Here are awesome advantages you can get if you hire a provider of roofing services, Rockwall, Texas that offers drone roof inspection.

It gives better accessibility. There are rooflines that are complex and therefore difficult to access and inspect. Through drone roof inspection, roof technicians will be able to see and take measurements even if these hard-to-access areas.

It reduces inspection time. With the use of drones, contractors can now eliminate the need to assemble and set up elaborate equipment just to access your roof. Through these camera-equipped devices, inspections can now only take at least 10 minutes (or up to half an hour).

It minimizes safety risk. Speaking of better accessibility and reduced inspection time, your contractor will be able to minimize the risk of getting injured — from falling from ladders, getting stuck in confined spaces, to being electrocuted.

It provides more accurate data. Apart from video cameras, there are drones that are equipped with thermal cameras, GPS, and gas detectors to better inspect and evaluate your roofing system. There are also sensors that can help roofing specialists detect issues like leakage and insulation breakdown.

It saves you money. Drones addressed several inefficiencies when it comes to inspecting different types of roofing systems. These gadgets’ features all contribute to a more cost-effective way of assessing and addressing roof-related concerns.

When hiring a company that offers drone roof inspection, keep in mind that you have to choose a licensed contractor. For an entity to be able to operate drones, their personnel should have the appropriate certificate and their equipment should be duly registered. They should also have a general liability insurance to cover accidents and injuries that may arise while the drone is being operated.

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