Today many objects have been created for the use of road traffic and to make it more orderly and regulated we need minimum security measures, both to avoid damage to vehicles and not to go too fast, for this reason, they have been created the stops for cars and parking, as well as cones and road stops, fences, speed bumps, etc. For example, the stops for parking s are used in large parking s public, in private buildings, or our garage.

The stops for parking, also called caps or rubber bumps by the material of which are made, have many advantages:

  • They are made of a very resistant material as car tires do not damage them.
  • They are easy to maintain since you only have to clean them from time to time with a bit of water to get rid of oil stains or anything else that has stuck to it.
  • They also withstand harsh climates with extreme heat (dry climates) or rain (humid climates).
  • Durable and cost/benefit efficient
  • The color of the stripes, which can be yellow or white, is another essential characteristic since it guarantees greater visibility for the driver and safety for the pedestrian and following prevention and road safety regulations.
  • Their weight is light, and they are highly flexible to adapt to the type of soil where they will be placed.
  • The buffers for the concrete road can cause damage to the vehicle. Instead, the rubber stops are safer and do not damage the car’s integrity is a recyclable product and beneficial to the environment.
  • Its size and construction allow perfect synchronization with the cars without damaging them, apart from being visible to the pedestrian and not causing accidents.
  • The vast majority are about 10 cm high to avoid damage to today’s low-rise cars.
  • They can be installed on any surface.
  • They are only bolted to the floor. It is recommended to check from time to time that the nuts are still tight since, with the use and the passing of cars, they can cause them to loosen.
  • They will not break, crumble, crack or rot.
  • By this, the length and condition of the stops for parking depend primarily on the quality offered by the manufacturer and the use they receive from the user.