Rain, sand, leaves – your doormat has to withstand a lot. While your doormat keeps away minor soiling such as dust and sand in the summer, the mud flap has to face more significant challenges in the winter with leaves, rain, snow, and mud. Here are tips on how to clean the doormat

Cleaning Floor Mats Have To Be Done Individually.

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all guide to cleaning floor mats. Different materials and processing require different cleaning and care. This is the only way that the doormat will keep your entrance area clean for a long time and reliably. But don’t worry: we have a solution for all types of floor mats and dirt control mats.

Clean Your Coconut Doormat

Coconut doormats may only be dry-cleaned. To do this, you should first knock out the coconut mat if necessary. Avoid knocking against an object in the usual way, as is familiar with car mats, for example. The back of the doormat can easily break. Turn the mat over and gently tap the back. This also ensures that the dirt that falls out does not spread in your environment. Then you can vacuum the coconut doormat with your vacuum cleaner, and the coconut mat is ready for further use.

Floor Mats For Outside: Cleaning Tips For The Spaghetti Mat

The spaghetti mat convinces the small, hard bristles that look like small spaghetti noodles, especially outdoors. The synthetic fiber doormat which can be seen in Floor mats Shop catches coarse dirt and keeps your rooms clean. This doormat does not absorb moisture either, but it flows away effortlessly through the open back.

Cleaning the spaghetti mat is therefore easy. To do this, first, lift the doormat and carefully wipe the area underneath. The dirt stuck in the threads can be hosed off with a water hose. Then let the doormat dry completely.

Clean The Cotton Mat – The Perfect Doormat For Indoor Use

The cotton mat is also very popular as a doormat. In addition to the durability of the dirt trap mat, the many different designs ensure this. You can find a suitable doormat for every room. But remember: These doormats are only suitable for indoor use.

Cleaning a cotton doormat is also very easy. Shake off coarse dirt vigorously, and then clean the cotton mat in the washing machine. Choose washing temperatures between 30 and 40 degrees and use a gentle detergent. However, before starting the wash, pay attention to the back of your doormat because only rubber-backed dirt control mats can withstand the wash cycle without damage. If you have a vinyl backing, you do not need to wash it in the washing machine, as the material can break.

Another important tip: The cotton mats must not be put in the dryer. The best thing to do is to put the clean doormat in the sun to dry. After that, the cotton doormat will serve you well again as usual.

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