A coffee table in your living room is just more than holding your coffee and taking a sip of that. It is an essential part of your living room and makes it appear more stylish. So, before shopping for a designer coffee table, you should consider the following factors:

Choose The Correct Height

Your coffee table should be either of the same height or slightly lower than your sofa cushions. If the table is too high, it will overwhelm the space and block the view of your sofa and cushions. But, if the table is of the same height or possibly lower, it will look appropriate with the room furnishing.

Choose The Ideal Length

The length of your coffee table should be less than the size of your sofa. First, you need to measure the sofa size, and then buy a centre table design which is two-thirds of the sofa size. It will create a perfect balance between the coffee table and the surroundings.

Think About Space

You must watch out for space before putting the coffee table in front of your sofa. Ideally, there should be a 2 feet gap between the table and the couch so that there is ample legroom and fewer chances of hurting yourself while walking around it.

Match The Scale

When looking for a centre table design for living room furniture collection, it must match your room size and decoration. Such as, if you have a big lounge area and you are going for a small coffee table, then it might not look very balanced in the room. In such a case, you can place two coffee tables next to each other to maintain the balance of your room. 

Once you have considered the above factors, it will get easy for you to find the perfect designer centre table for your living room. To find the best centre table online, let us narrow down your search with these beneficial tips:

Oval Coffee Tables are a stylish choice for your living room furniture. These tables are void of sharp edges, and so if you have kids in your house, these are a practical and trendy buy. 

Glass Coffee Tables are quite the right ones to choose if the size of your living room is small. Since glass takes up less visual space in the room, it makes the smaller area look larger. A glass table with luxe metal detailing can be just the right one to add a contemporary touch to your drawing room.

Rectangular Coffee Tables are the most popular choice among buyers. It is primarily because rectangular tables can be placed easily in front of most sofas, especially lengthy ones. A wooden centre table with rectangular edges can give your family room a traditional look.

Closed Storage Coffee Tables are the most stylish and functional choice for your living room. As living rooms tend to get cluttered, you can keep your TV remotes, magazines, books or kid’s toys in the storage space provided inside the table.