The condominiums, with the convention in hand, make their bylaws. These internal regulations are rules for use and coexistence between people and employees of buildings. The internal regulations contain rules for the use of common areas, leisure equipment such as a swimming pool, playground, party rooms, barbecue grills, sports areas, saunas, cinemas, and other improvements that each condominium has.

Important Tips

•When you take possession of an apartment, first contact the condominium administrator. There you have to change your data to receive condominium bills like in Kaset condo (คอนโด เกษตร which is the term in Thai). Being up to date with this obligation is fundamental for the smooth running of things;

•Also try to get to know the manager; he is essential for you to know the habits and primary rules that your building has;

•If the building has a concierge, don’t forget to introduce yourself to the doormen as well. If the reception is 24 hours, there is a rotation of professionals trained to bar strangers, and you are not a person he usually sees. Take the opportunity and pass your data such as name and telephone number to the concierge, anything he will call you to notify you of any problem;

•Another critical person in a condominium is the caretaker. Could you do the same to him? Look, introduce yourself and always have the janitor as your friend and partner; he can break your branch when needed;

•Make friends with neighbors on your floor; it’s essential to get to know them. If you get along with it, it’s an excellent way to have an ally when you need to raise a problem with the manager and also when you’re not at home;

•Do not abuse. Apartment can’t be a crazy life. Loud sound, racket, excessive noise, all this will lead to you and especially to the neighbor’s annoyance. If you are very noisy, look for a residence, preferably isolated, because condominium is complicated;

•Rights, as both the owner-owner and the annual rental owner, must and can supervise the expenses of the condominium. If in doubt, ask the manager for the cash books to take that look. Don’t be ashamed and don’t give a damn about some ugly face; you pay, you have the right to know how and where your money is being invested.

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