Hardwood flooring can provide both elegances as well as sophistication to the atmosphere along with that sense of convenience and defense that rustic locations usually go through. Every little thing will rely on the decoration as well as the structure of the property.

However, something is clear: no matter what your design, dealing with the proper way of your teak Wood Flooring [ไม้ พื้น, which is the term in Thai] is essential for sturdiness as well as appeal. Fortunately, is that it does not take much effort to save the floor covering, simply comply with the tips that we will follow as well as know items that can stain or scrape the wood. It is also vital to make certain the flooring is sealed appropriately.

  • Cleaning

The correct brooms for usage on hardwood floor covering are soft, with great bristles. Other kinds of brooms may end up scraping the floor. In the instance of large spots or dirt that is challenging to get out, you can utilize a difficult sponge with a little bit of neutral soap, yet beware not to exaggerate the quantity as it can damage the wood.

  • Protection

To avoid wear, a good alternative is to put floor coverings in all points of accessibility to the area with teak wood flooring. Also, ensure all furniture has anti-scratch security on your bases.

  • Preservation

It is suggested that the teak be sanded every two years of usage with 120-grit sandpaper so the timber will remain to look new. Nevertheless, obtain help from a specialist in this process, s/he will know the proper way to fining sand without ruining the timber.

  • Attention

Do not massage the flooring with tough bristle brushes as this can seriously harm it. Never utilize home items such as cleaning agents with bleach or ammonia, they can corrode and soften the material, in addition, to get rid of the all-natural defense oil from the wood, as well as make it more at risk to damages.

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