As the warm weather settles in after a long, hard winter, you can be sure most homeowners will be outside checking the condition of their house. If you are like most, you probably have a long list of maintenance tasks to complete to make sure your home survives another hard winter. Here are some tasks to include on your list to keep your house in peak condition.

1. The Roof

No matter what type of roofing materials cover your home, they are part of your home’s envelop that keeps water out. From shingles to shakes to tiles, storms can cause damage during the winter, so make repairs as soon as you spot a problem.

2. The HVAC

Since your HVAC system has been working hard all winter to keep you warm, make sure you have a professional check the filters, tubing, and vents. This will ensure the unit is ready to keep you cool during the summer.

3. The Plumbing

Your plumbing needs yearly maintenance to keep the water flowing properly. Call in residential plumbing services Pensacola FL and have the technicians check hoses and tubing. While he or she is there, ask them to drain your water heater to make sure sediment doesn’t build-up at the bottom of the tank.

4. The Gutters

When winter winds blow, so does debris that can easily clog your gutters. Check on the channels and clean them of anything that would prevent water from draining through the tubes. You should also make sure the gutters are secure against the building.

5. The Batteries

Smoke detectors are out of sight, so it may be challenging to remember to replace the batteries. Keep your family safe by putting battery replacements on your home upkeep list.

Creating a home maintenance checklist is a great way to make sure you don’t miss any of the vital tasks you need to do to keep your house safe. Your home will thank you by keeping you safe in return.

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