Roof replacements can be expensive, so it is in your best interest to look for roofing contractors that offer the best rates. It is imperative that you check out more than one contractor and get estimates before committing to a service provider. However, this isn’t enough. You will need to evaluate the contractors and the roofing estimates they gave in order to find the best one for you. Here are some tips.

An estimate and a quote

When talking to roofing contractors, you should know the difference between a quote and an estimate. An estimate is a rough amount of how much the contractor thinks the service will cost you; the quote is the final price. The estimate is usually given to you based on the service needed, as well as the specifics of your home and roof. However, certain elements are not factored in here yet, so expect the actual cost of the roofing service to be higher than the estimate.

The details

When you receive a roofing estimate for a service, you might be enticed by its low price. However, make sure that the contractor you are talking to already has the essential details in check. This way, the estimate you will get will be closer to the actual cost of the project. These details include the size of the roof, the shingle layers that will need to be removed, the damage of the roof and the structures that need it, among others.

On the other hand, their estimate should also contain costs for most of the services they will provide. This includes the cost for tearing your home’s old roof, the installation of the roof’s new shingle, the flashing and underlayment, the installation of the lead pipe jacks and the ice and water barriers, the repair or installation of new gutters, chimney work, and fees for the dumping of materials from the roofing work.

A transparent estimate

Besides listing down the work that is usually done for this kind of service, roofing contractors should provide you with an estimate that’s transparent.

For starters, the estimate should include the time frame of the work to be done; take note that you will be paying for labor by the hour or day, so this is important. There is usually some allowance for extensions in the project, but make sure the estimate is clear about this to prevent surprise additional charges.

The materials needed, of course, are added in the estimate. But since roofing contractors usually get this from third-party suppliers, the estimate has to be clear whether the material cost indicated is an estimation or actual price. The estimate, in essence, should include everything the project will need so you won’t pay for what’s indicated. This includes, besides disposal of materials, permits, taxes, and other items the laborers might need (such as portable toilets). Those estimates include insurance? Will the contractor be responsible for any possible damage that could happen during the project. The estimate has to be clear about this. Get at least three estimates from roofing contractors to see which one will give an estimate that suits you.

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