Nowadays, more people have started to invest in their kitchens. Aside from the living room, this is the place where we socialize the most. It also plays a huge part in our home’s overall aesthetic, therefore, giving it a huge boost in terms of its real estate value. One of the biggest investments in the kitchen industry right now is a kitchen countertop. It is where most families do their kitchen chores and meal preparations and with the new decade comes new designs for countertops. Here are some of the latest countertop designs in the market.


This material is very easy to maintain and clean. It is not prone to staining and is very firm and durable. If you want something like this, Best Kitchen Countertops offers quartz countertops in Fullerton.

Marble with Patterns

This design is great for those that want a more personalized design in their kitchen countertop. It contributes to your home’s overall aesthetic and goes well with your flooring and tiles.

Countertops with Sinks

This type of design is fairly new. It is not your typical countertop as it provides better efficiency with the installment of a sink in it.

Recycled Countertops

These sustainable countertops are always a staple for those that want to live greener and healthier.

Concrete Countertop

This design will certainly bring elegance to your kitchen. It is also very durable.

To learn more about these designs, check out this infographic by Best Kitchen Countertops. The company committed to bringing you quality kitchen countertops in Fullerton.