One of the top names in the construction industry of Hawaii is that of Nan Inc., which started off as a small firm and has now joined the list of the top ten companies operating in the state. Having its headquarters located in Honolulu, Hawaii, Nan Inc. has a reputation of delivering quality work to its clients and has worked on thousands of projects over the years, allowing it to accumulate a lot of experience and expertise in its field. They are recognized for their advanced technical knowledge and brilliant teamwork, which has helped them earn various awards and certifications for their accomplishments.

How Did It Began? 

If you dig a little deeper, you will come to know that Nan Inc. had a very humble start. It was founded in 1990 by a man named Patrick Shin. What you should know about Patrick Shin Oahu is that he was originally born in South Korea as Nan Chul Shin. He changed his name when he moved to the US and worked for two years in construction after completing his majors in business administration. He fell in love with the field of construction and decided to contribute to the betterment of Hawaii by setting up a company for this purpose. This is how the idea of Nan Inc. began. 

Patrick Shin launched the company single-handedly and when he started out, he only had one laborer by his side to assist him with the work. However, he didn’t let this hold him back due to which Nan Inc. has become a full-fledged construction company today, with more than 500 employees working for it. The company may have started off with very small projects, but it was able to expand in the next thirty years to become one of the top companies in the industry. 

What Have they Accomplished?

Nan Inc. specializes in preconstruction, design-build and general contracting services and they have used these in different industries. Over the years, the company has taken on more than 2,600 projects, some of which have been quite complex, but they have done an excellent job of dealing with them. Nan Inc. has dealt with a number of multimillion dollar projects simultaneously and have completed them in a timely manner and within the assigned budget. Their professionalism is something worth nothing and their goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, which they do by doing some outstanding work. 

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