So you can make an excellent floor preparation, before leveling the ground and then compacting you have to do homework, cleaning, and filling of this, which has as its ultimate goal the success of your work.

Concerning the preparation of the land to make good cement floors, it is clean to prepare the area that will be the base where the landfill will go.


Before filling, you must have already removed all the stones measuring more than 5 cm and waste, such as trash and plastic. The landfill is of vital importance in construction to achieve adequate levels in the development of different types of works such as floors or pavements. The materials that you can use to fill out can be compensated or borrowed, which is the first material of the same job, and in the second case, it is material that is taken from places outside the construction.

The suggestion with the materials for the filling is that they contain a low clay index or be limestone for the correct stabilization in the subsequent compaction process.

Mortar Processing

For you to make an excellent concrete floor, you have to make a superb mortar mix, which is manufactured with cement, sand, and water. In the case of cement, we recommend using our INKA brand lines, with which you will be able to adapt without problems the type of climate or soil where you are building. INKA has more traditional product options such as Ultra Resistant or Masonry, as well as Anti Saltpeter and Portland cement if your work is exposed to moisture.

Leveling And Compaction Process

For you to do the leveling, you have to understand what is its importance in the construction works, and this is to be able to transform any land into a flat horizontal or inclined floor.

To level successfully, you must do it with quality cement, no matter the Cement price (ราคา ปูน ,which is the term in Thai), as it goes a long way in helping you in the acceleration of setting and drying, leaving the ideal surface on the concrete floor.