All living rooms can be designed beautifully, no matter what their size and shape might be! The living room is the most comfortable and sociable room of your home, so taking the time to design it properly will really pay off for your entire family, guests and yourself in the long run. The key to a well thought out and properly designed living room is time, patience and a careful eye – all of which we can practice and implement in our own homes. Here are a few nifty design tips that will ensure your living room is stylish, welcoming and ever so comfortable!

Take careful measurements

Before you do absolutely anything, you need to take careful and concise measurements of your living room. This is vital to creating a comfortable, well-designed space on literally all scales, so it’s the very first thing that everybody should do. Note down the exact dimensions of your space and bring them with you everywhere you shop or every time you’re tempted by an item online. This is not only going to ensure that you’re able to fit everything you want (or need) in your living room, but it will also mean that you’re buying your furniture to scale. Purchasing in accordance with the actual size of your room is going to maximise the space’s potential and make your home feel both comfortable and cohesive.

Plan your floor plan

Taking the time to think out and play with different variations of your floor plan will really pay off in the long run, it’s worth the extra effort, promise! A floor plan needs to accommodate the primary function of the room, allow easy access to doors, windows and seating points and fit with the shape of your living room (measurements will come in handy here). You can either use a floor plan app or grab a pencil and a large sheet of paper to try out a few designs.

Be mindful of walkways

As noted above, accessibility is incredibly important in any room – but it’s especially true for the living room. This space is used by everyone in your household as well as guests, so it needs to be easy and comfortable to move through. Once you start placing furniture, you’ll be able to assess the walkways, but you should keep it in mind whilst you’re planning, also.

Test, test and test again

Time to test and try your floor plan design! Start by placing your centrepieces (which will most likely be your sofas), remember that in a living room, you’ll most likely want to be facing the entertainment unit – use your TV unit as the space’s anchor or focal point. Always be sure to try out a couple of options before you land on anything – there’s nothing wrong with changing your mind!

Look for smart, storage savvy pieces

Smart pieces of furniture will help to keep your home nice and organised, so if you’re looking for good design then you need to look for multifunctional, storage savvy pieces. Your TV unit and coffee table are perfect opportunities for some clever decision making. Look for units that have storage for wires, remotes and entertainment kit and instead of opting for a classic coffee table, consider using a chest or blanket box. You’ll have a tonne of storage and clutter space whilst still getting all the function you need from a table. Check out your options for multifunctional tables, shelving and TV units in Sydney to find something amazing and useful!

By following these design tips, you can be sure that your living room will look perfectly styled whilst feeling incredibly inviting. Always remember to take your time and invest carefully to get the very best outcome for you and your family.