Properly chosen, the island lighting in the kitchen improves visual comfort when preparing meals. In addition, it helps to create a friendly atmosphere and infuses a decorative touch to the entire room. To illuminate the work plan, many possibilities are available to you: spot, suspension, LED neon, wall light. We tell you everything about the kitchen lighting. From  you will have

  • lighting of the worktop and the central island of a modern white kitchen
  • The different types of lighting for the kitchen worktop
  • Spotlights under kitchen furniture for a functional worktop
  • round and white LED recessed spotlight
  • kitchen island lighting by recessed spots

Discreet, practical and decorative, the recessed LED spotlight is perfect for lighting worktops in the kitchen. It produces a powerful light, thus facilitating the preparation of small dishes. This type of kitchen light has the advantage of being easy to work with. You can easily adjust the hue and intensity of the lighting. With its small size, it fits easily under a cupboard or shelf. Installing recessed LED spotlights under tall furniture also gives it new life. Remember to space them well to create a nice effect and enjoy a homogeneous light.

  • Brighten up and bring style with the kitchen pendant light
  • pendant lights above the central worktop of a white and wooden designer kitchen

LED pendant kit, with silver bulb

The LED pendant light is commonly used for lighting the worktop without tall cabinet. You can also position it above the central island, provided that this does not have a hob. Efficient, aesthetic and less bulky, it provides diffused light, which creates an intimate atmosphere. With this type of indoor LED lighting , you can cook in the best conditions.

A pendant light adopting a cylindrical shape is ideal for mixed lighting. With its concentrated light beam, a bell or oval pendant light will enhance your work plan. If it is installed along a glass roof with several uprights, choose a thin and discreet model that does not attract the eye. It is better to provide a distance of 80 to 90 cm between the LED pendant lamp and the worktop so that the light is diffused uniformly on this space. To refine the decoration of the room, the ideal would be to put several pendant lights.

  • Brighten up the work area with LED wall lights
  • design cylindrical chrome wall light
  • island lighting by wall sconces placed under wall units

The LED wall light is a possible solution for lighting worktops in the kitchen . The models acting as a spotlight are easily fixed under a tall cabinet. They project their light beam downwards, which provides good illumination of the work area. Used in addition to your worktop luminaires, the wall lamp gives them a nice architectural touch. In addition, you can bring an industrial side to your kitchen by installing a black wall lamp. The ideal would be to attach several LED wall lights to illuminate the workspace well.

12V LED tape reel with adhesive tape

Installing an LED strip in the kitchen gives a modern look to this room. Positioned above the work area, the LED kitchen strip provides bright light to naturally release the colors of culinary preparations. It also enhances the clarity of the room. This type of LED lighting for the kitchen remains a good choice for obtaining localized light. Note that the LED strip is easy to use since it has a moisture resistant adhesive strip. Do not hesitate to insert it in an aluminum profile for a better rendering and a beautiful finish.

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