Giving a new look to the kitchen involves masonry works, changing appliances and other furniture, which can become quite an economic and design challenge, although with imagination you can make truly amazing changes.

One of the main problems in the kitchen is usually its deteriorated appearance, due to its use. By applying decorative vinyl on the walls a great change is achieved, however, this vinyl must perfectly match the selected decoration.

Once you know what you want to change in the kitchen and its costs, you can start with a little paint on the furniture and tiles, which will give a new perspective on the space. But the most important thing is to choose a team of professionals to guide you on how to achieve the dream kitchen remodeling contractor Sunnyvale.  

Ideas to renew

The secret to remodeling is to make changes with ingenuity and creativity to reflect a new environment. The small but substantial transformations generate spaces with new energy.

  • Before any expense, you should keep in mind what furniture you want to change, since if it is not worth keeping because of its poor condition, it is best to get rid of them. On the other hand, it is necessary to know what you want to highlight, be it an old hood or a modern appliance.
  • Knowing what is at the forefront of kitchen renovation can be stressful; if you do not have professionals in the area who guarantee the quality of your work, for example, Nolte kitchens in Malaga offers modern ideas according to the clients’ budget.

Do you want a radical change in the kitchen in your home or simply modify details?

Experts always know what to do to achieve what the client proposes adapted to her budget.Once the dimensions of the area to be remodeled are specified, the elements that fit the project are evaluated, for which the quality of the material to be used must be taken into account. The main thing is that everything combines perfectly.

Nine ideas to renew the kitchen:

Buying new furniture, if these are heavy-looking and dark colors, will provide little lighting to the space, hindering the flow of traffic and light.

Change the color of the kitchen, specifically the cabinets and cabinets, for dark tones and leave the bottom in light colors or vice versa. Combining soft colors with intense touches and decorative elements on walls or blinds, will give a significant change to the kitchen.

Placing a bar or table to take advantage of the space is ideal, it can be made of wood or plank, covered with stainless steel, melanin or ceramic mosaics. For a more elegant touch you can embed the furniture directly on the wall and place a couple of benches, so you already have the ideal place to eat with your family.

Install mosaics or tiles on the wall, which will make the cabinets and cupboards bright and colorful.

Bet on vintage or hipster style with few details that integrate rustic wooden benches and lamps with industrial style in gray or cream tones. The shelf handles can be exchanged for opaque metal or wood material and curtains, instead of doors for greater lighting effect.